Been wondering which synths created the Stranger Things soundtrack? You’re in luck, because S U R V I V E have finally revealed their secrets

The world’s crazy about the Stranger Things soundtrack. Yeah, the show itself is pretty sweet but the musical accompaniment by S U R V I V E has captured the musical community from the day the pilot aired.

After countless imitators posting cover videos of the main theme song, the band has finally revealed the vintage synths behind those tasty sounds.


The gear rundown we’ve been hanging out for: S U R V I V E have finally taken fans behind the scenes, revealing how they pulled together the Stranger Things soundtrack.

Watch the video above, featuring a Roland SH-101, a KORG Mono/Poly, and ARP Odyssey, a KORG micro sampler and more. Safe to say by the end of it, you’ll wish you were right there in the studio, making some noise.

Via Fact Mag.