Beloved cat Angel returns home after a week lost in devastating bushfires

The recent Australian bushfires have caused devastation for many Aussie families and their loved ones. This, of course, includes their furry friends.

In the rush and panic of evacuation and surrounding fires, one beloved family cat, Angel, sprinted into the blazing bush. This forced the family to leave her behind. The Symonds family never expected to see her again when they returned.

australian bushfires cat
Photo: Reddit

A beloved family cat in Bega Valley has returned to her overjoyed family after she was thought lost in recent bushfires.

After securing the safety of their family, including dogs and horses, Ben and Brett Symonds went back to the house but were stopped by police and firefighters on the way.

“We tried to talk to them to say our cats are there, our house is there, but they didn’t let us through.” Ben told The Feed.

“We got into our driveway and we’re pretty sure our house is gone. Everything was on fire, the trees, fences, everything. We were convinced we had lost it all.”

They ditched the car and managed to get back to the house on foot, quickly noticing their Christmas lights still up and running. Gotta love those solar panels. Brett and Ben were “over the moon”.

The bush surrounding the house were completely burnt down, leaving the family hopeless about their beloved lost kitties.

“At this stage we hadn’t seen the cats, we’d been calling and calling. The fire had been so hot that there wasn’t even logs left, there was just orange outlines where the trees had been. There wasn’t even ash.”

A week after their return, their blue eyed Angel appeared. She was almost unrecognisable with matted fur and small burns on her ears.

“We all saw her at the same time and we’re all screaming “Oh my god, Angel’s alive!””

Angel was greeted with endless cuddles, especially by Brett because “she’s his baby”. News of Angel’s return went viral on Reddit, claiming 47,000 upvotes and a torrent of comments.

Ben used the opportunity to praise the firefighters and express his gratitude.

“We have a house because of their sacrifice…Donate to these people, get them their supplies because they need it and they’re heroes.” He told The Feed.

Gotta love a happy ending for this family.