On a mission from God: see snaps of Belushi, Aykroyd and Fisher on the set of The Blues Brothers

John Landis’ 1980 flick The Blues Brothers is as good as it gets for music lovers. To me, it sits side-by-side with Almost FamousWayne’s World and This Is Spinal Tap (I’m probably forgetting a ton of others), easily one of the greatest music films ever concocted.

It sat at a busy musical crossroads; filming in Chicago while the city was at the centre of blues and soul. It attracted cameos from Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and John Lee Hooker to name a few… basically a cohort of legendary characters suddenly found themselves in the same place.

It’s dark out, and we’re wearing sunglasses: remember one of the greatest music films ever made with behind-the-scenes shots from The Blues Brothers.

At a junction that heavy, you’ll no doubt see a slew of awesome behind-the-scenes snaps. These shots frame John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Carrie Fisher, the cast and the crew as they were knee deep in the production of this now-iconic film.

Check them out below:

Belushi, Carrie Fisher, and Aykroyd
Belushi, Carrie Fisher, and Aykroyd

Former Chicago mayor Jane Byrne and daughter Kathy with Belushi
Aretha Franklin with Belushi and Aykroyd

Blues Brothers
Chicago mayor Jane Byrne with Belushi and Aykroyd

Ray Charles, John Landis, Belushi, Aykroyd and a friend

John Landis and Ray Charles

John Lee Hooker with Belushi and Aykroyd

Via Dangerous Minds.