Lest we forget: Windows 10 gives Microsoft Paint the can in their latest update

Remember the days of Microsoft Paint? When one grew tired of playing Tetris, Minesweeper or Pinball, it was a relief that Paint was always there to resort to for all your poor illustrations and pre-historic graphic design needs

As Microsoft tried to update Paint’s features and expand its 3D image tools, the program slowly but surely lost its charm.

MS Paint the big lez show
Courtesy of The Big Lez Show

A fixed program on Windows software since 1985, Paint was not only there to cure boredom, but grew to become a part of our childhood.

Well, sadly it seems that yesterday was a little worse than your average Manic Monday. It also signified the death of Microsoft Paint, which is reportedly being phased out in the next Windows 10 update.

Serving as a useful tool for experiments, birthday cards and of course the early days of The Big Lez Show, lest we forget the old friend that saw us through the last 32 years, before Photoshop took the throne.

Via It’s Nice That.