With the help of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Stranger Things reveal a diabolical season to come

Stranger Things Season 2 is only three months away from being released and according to the trailer, it’s darker and more intense than its previous season.

stranger things

The innovative trailer is soundtracked by a very Stranger Things version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, ripe with pulsing 80s synth. 

The season 2 trailer that dropped in February didn’t reveal much about what to expect from the second season of the sci-fi/horror Netflix series. Saturday’s Comic-Con, however, was a definite eye-opener as three minutes of nightmarish awesomeness was showcased at the event. 

Opening with Will and friends playing an arcade game of Dragons Lair, Will is almost instantly sucked back into the dark, parallel universe he so thinly escaped in Season 1. As the trailer continues, so does the chaos as the frightening, sticky mess from the Upside Down world begins haunting Will and his friends and invading the real world. 

Upon returning to the correct dimension, did Will bring some of the Upside Down with him?

The trailer finishes with Eleven passing through the Upside Down into the real world, signifying she is in fact, still alive. 

Keep an eye out for the series which is due to be released October 27th. In this world, anyway.

Via Rolling Stone.