Ben Evolent celebrates the twists and turns of life on debut album ‘Wanderous’

Last year, we melted into the mellow folk sound of Ben Evolent when he released Shiver. Now, the Northern Territory artist has finally blessed us with his debut album Wanderous.

After a bar set high by his previous release, Ben Evolent hasn’t disappointed, with a profoundly moving and introspective album named Wanderous. 

Through an exploration of empathy and connection tinged with a sense of pure curiosity, Ben Evolent paints stunning lyrical pictures upon the backdrop of an intricate, lively folk sound.

While Evolent has been creating music for many years, becoming a hugely recognised live performer in the NT, Wanderous presented a new opportunity for the artist to create his signature sound on a much bigger scale. The record brings his creative vision to life at a size which it truly deserves, expansive and all-encapsulating. Reflecting on the album, Evolent stated:

“Musically it’s a big band sound, one in which I have never had the chance to create.”

The album was recorded in just three short days, and you can sense Evolent’s formative energy brimming at the album’s every edge. Like magic, he ties together his stories with a sound which celebrates his life-long journey to fulfilment, making it so much more about the album as a whole, rather than individual lyrics and hooks. 

Standout songs include Hotel Shelter, the opening track which introduces the rich earthiness of Evolent’s vocals, highlighted by female harmonies. Cassanova carries an endless sense of melancholy. Conversely, Wander is uplifting in its entirety, revealing that Evolent is in no way afraid to share the highs and lows of the paths he has taken. Sharing both the darkness and the light sees Ben Evolent develop a sense of self right before our eyes. 

Wanderous is an all-Northern Territory project recorded at Masters Studio in Palmerston, mixed by the talented Ben Allen of Broadwing fame, and mastered by Dave Crowe.


Wanderous is out now.