Benjamin Bones goes total DIY on reflective debut album ‘Good Grief’

Benjamin Bones offers bruised up indie rock, DIY style, on the contemplative debut full-length, Good Grief.

There’s no teacher like experience, and man has Benjamin Bones been in the classroom. The multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer has been running his own studio for over a decade, recording for over 20 Aussie artists, as well as playing in his own bands.

Naturally, the time came for Benjamin Bones to tell his own story, his own way. In Good Grief, Bones burrows deep into the past and the experiences that have led him to today, describing the project as “a celebration of all things slightly tarnished, unfinished and unkempt”.

Benjamin Bones

“You got away“, Bones laments on the opening track, Online Funeral. The track is upbeat and driving; however, Bones’ well-versed wall-of-sound production evokes the hazy recallings of a moment gone by, an opportunity lost.

While working on the record, the artist collaborated with other musicians remotely, but you’d never guess from the sheen production and impressive tonal cohesion.

Lead single Part-Time Gymnast showcases the artist at his most euphonious, pairing falsetto and chest vocals beautifully into a rich, emotive melody. Tasty major 7 chords on a ringing electric provide the track with even more ambience.

Brisbane Reverb is another memorable tune, with its choir backing vocals, hard-hitting percussion, rapid-fire minor chords, and soaring melody. The instrumentation choices recall the contemporary folk writings of Good Old War.

For anyone stuck in lockdown, thinking about the past, we’d recommend Don’t Go Out Tonight, in which the artist explores the striking progression from teen-angst to “paying rent and putting food on the table” . Then, as the fuzzy guitar cuts off, you’ll be left to pick up the pieces the trail Bones has laid down so convincingly.

Listen to Good Grief below: