7 Led Zeppelin songs any diehard fan should know

Consider yourself a true Led Zeppelin fan? Time to put that to the test, as the performers of Whole Lotta Love give us the 7 songs you can’t live without.

There’s no denying that Led Zeppelin are one of the greatest and most influential rock bands in history. Their legacy is almost untouchable, and chances are anyone who’s tried to learn guitar has at some point in their lives studied up on the behemoth that is Stairway to Heaven. Ahead of the national Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin celebration tour in 2018, some of the performers took some time to point out the songs that no diehard fan shouldn’t know all the words to.

Whole Lotta Love led zeppelin tribute

Dallas Frasca

Since I’ve Been Lovin You

The minute the guitar intro sets you up for the devastatingly beautiful vocal delivery of Plant’s incredible vocals, the journey this song takes you on is a long and windy road of dramatic highs and lows. If you listen to the live versions Zeppelin did of this song, no two times were ever played the same, yet magic occurred in every moment of the song. Page’s solo was done in one take and is arguably one of the best solos of all time. To get your head around learning this masterpiece can get you close but will always remain untouchable by the greatest rock n roll band in history.

Black Dog

Although the title has nothing to do with the actual song itself (apparently named after a black Labrador that was hanging out near the studio when they were looking to name the song) this song rules. The opening acapella arrangement and Plant’s ridiculously high notes were inspired by Peter Green’s, Oh Well and the incredibly complex arrangements and time signatures were devised by Paul Jones as apparently he didn’t want anyone to ever cover the song. I think you’ll find under the description of ‘genius’ in the dictionary, two words: Led Zeppelin.

Joseph Calderazzo

The Song Remains The Same

Always reminds me of when I was living in Canada and at the time Houses of the Holy was my favourite Led Zep album, this track paints great imagery for me, it’s always uplifting and definitely puts me in a happy place (it’s doing it right now as I listen).

For Your Life

Perhaps not their most popular album but it certainly was mine for a time; the groove on For Your Life is slinky and sleazy and moves at an awesome pace with some awesome timing moments, for me, listening to this is pure bliss.

Sarah McCleod

Rock N Roll

I only just got into Led Zepplin when doing this show, I kinda missed the whole Led Zep movement, I was always more into the Manchester indie pop scene. I have really loved pulling these songs apart and learning them, I now have a new appreciation for the band. I cant say that there are any songs that I cant live without though because I seemed to have lived this long! However I really love Rock N Roll, I love that its homage to Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry who I have always been a fan of.

Simon Meli

The Rain Song

This song to me is a song writer’s master piece. A song of love and loss and attempting to understand the ‘seasons of emotions’. The perfect mix of ballad orchestral rock and a perfect play of dynamics.


There is always something special about a track six positioned song on an album, for me, and there are so many songs that may not be singles positioned at track 6 that stand out for me. Kashmir, where did this come from? It’s almost written from another time in space. Again orchestral yet Eastern influence melodies run throughout the song, hemmed by a riff that still stands the test of time to this day. Lyrically this is a beautiful story of a traveller who finds himself in a foreign, rough terrain, meeting elders / gurus who show godly spirit, enlightened and in search of his way out to the sea through a blinding desert. Just so deep. Married with the tough band and Eastern lines, this song is a journey that will continue to be travelled.