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Best Male Sex Toys in 2023: cock rings to fleshlights & more


Sex toys are for everyone, no matter what your gender or sexual orientation is. A lot of men feel “weird” about experimenting with sex toys for men, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to push your body to the limits of sexual pleasure.

And yes, that may include butt stuff.

But how do you decide which ones to try? Whether you want to explore prostate stimulation, men’s vibrators, or try an automatic masturbator machine, we’ll run you through some of the best male sex toys on the market.

*Disclaimer – these sex toys can be used by those with penises & prostates, regardless of gender identity*

The 5 Types Of Male Sex Toys We’re Looking At

  • Fleshlights & strokers – Fleshlights and strokers are a type of sleeve that wraps around your penis, mimicking the feeling of an orifice with extra lumps & bumps inside for your pleasure
  • Penis vibrators – Men’s vibrators can provide unique and intense pleasure. You’ll find some that wrap around your shaft and others target your frenulum and the head of your penis with its sensitive nerve endings.
  • Prostate Massagers – Prostate massagers are designed to reach the male P-spot, which is located 2-inches inside your butt. Like the female G-spot, you can take your orgasms to another level when you find it!
  • Automatic Masturbators – Automatic masturbators are hands-free machines that aim to simulate sex or a blowjob so that you get a more true-to-life experience.
  1. Cock Rings – Cock rings have several benefits—they make an erection stiffer, make it less of an effort to maintain an erection, and help you to last longer. Some vibrate, which will definitely please your partner too.

Best Male Sex Toys 2023

1. Fun Factory Manta – Best Men’s Sex Toy Overall

fun factory manta


The Manta is a penis vibrator that will blow your mind. From stimulating your frenulum to providing some extra enhancement to a blow job, this unique male masturbator will give you a few surprises.

Key Features

  • It can be used solo, during partner play, or during oral sex
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • $99

Unlike some men’s adult toys, the Manta isn’t bulky, which makes it great to use with your partner. Its flexible wings make it easy to adapt to a penis of any shape or size, and you can use it on your partner’s clit or nipples too. The world is your oyster!

2. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage – Most Affordable Fleshlight

fleshlight quickshot vantage

This Fleshlight stroker is made from a pliable SuperSkin material that feels amazing on your penis and will certainly leave you wanting more.

Key Features

  • Supersoft feel
  • Easy to clean – open-ended design
  • Only $35!

The Vantage’s through-hole structure creates a toy that is easy to use and clean. Simply put it on, stroke, twist, and turn as you see fit. It is meant to feel like a realistic vagina, which is great for solo play, but if you want to give it a go with your partner, it also provides extra pleasure during a blow job.

3. LoveHoney BASICS Clear Textured Stroker – Cheap Sex Toy For Men

lovehoney basics cleartextured stroker

This male masturbation toy provides a colossal upgrade to your hand. Just slip it over your erection and start stroking. It’s that simple.

Key Features

  • Clear and stretchy material
  • Open-ended, so it fits whatever your size
  • Waterproof
  • Just $9.99!

Whether you are looking for enhanced solo play or want to add spice to your sex life, this stroker will certainly do that. It’s made from a soft textured plastic and is full of ultra-bobbly nodules, providing you with spine-tingling toe-curling sensations.

4. Lelo TOR 2 – Best Vibrating Cock Ring

lelo tor 2

Lelo TOR 2 is a waterproof, rechargeable vibrating cock ring designed to increase pleasure for both partners.

Key Features

  • 6 powerful vibration patterns
  • 1.5 hours battery life
  • Made from body-safe silicone
  • $139

The soft silicone ring is worn around your penis and comfortably fits all sizes. It brings a long-lasting erection to you and incredible sensations for your partner. With an easy-to-use interface, the 6 vibration patterns will intensify both your orgasms.

5. Fleshlight Flight Pilot – Best Masturbation Sleeve For Newbies

fleshlight flight pilot

This compact stroker is made from ultra-soft SuperSkin material, which will help you reach a more powerful climax.

Key Features

  • Creates good suction
  • SuperSkin material
  • $50

This male masturbation toy does what it is supposed to do. It has a variety of internal textures, ranging from bumps, ridges, and soft tentacle-like fingers, providing a range of sensations as you glide it over your erection. If you angle it right, you’ll also be treated to incredibly satisfying suction.

6. Lovense Max 2 – Best Automatic Male Masturbator

lovense max 2

The Lovense Max 2 is a Bluetooth-enabled automatic male masturbator which can be used solo, but also allows your partner to please you no matter where they are via the Lovense Remote app.

Key Features

  • 2-3 hour battery life
  • Accommodates all size penises
  • Easily programmable
  • $102

Although it doesn’t look much, this masturbator has a lot going for it. Its internal sleeve is full of bumps and ridges, which aim to make it feel like you are having sex.

Where it differs from other sleeves is its internal vibrator and suction/contraction settings, which the Lovense App controls via Bluetooth. You can even pair your sleeve with your partner’s toy and take turns controlling your pleasure. Only the best VR porn sites can bear that!

7. Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Vibrator – Best Dildo For Men

mantric rechargeable

The Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Vibrator is a great place to start if you want prostate stimulation. The curved and bulbed shaft is the perfect angle to hit your prostate, making it the perfect dildo for men looking to explore anal orgasms.

Key Features

  • Curved shaft for intense prostate stimulation
  • 7 vibration settings
  • $69.99

The probe is soft but firm, so it will slide easily into position. You can shuffle through three speeds and four vibration patterns with the toy, building the intensity that suits you. Before you know it, your orgasms will be taken to another level.

8. TENGA Onacup – Cheap Sex Toy For Men

Tenga Ona Cup

This male masturbator simulates the sensation of deep-throat oral sex, and while that might sound too good to be true, the TENGA Onacup seems to have this one nailed.

Key Features

  • Lotion reservoir included
  • 5-inch internal length
  • $19.65

The deep-throat masturbator is filled with pillow-soft curves and tactile nubs. Add the adjustable suction stimulation and lotion reservoir to keep you moist, and you are in for a sensation-packed experience. At only $19.65, this sweet toy is too good to be missed.

9. NJOY Pure Wand – Best Prostate Massager

n joy pure wand

If you are looking for extra P-spot stimulation, look no further than the NJOY Pure Wand. While it may be more expensive than some, the NJOY Pure Wand provides easy-to-use, direct stimulation of your prostate.

Key Features

  • 316-grade stainless steel
  • 8-inch insertable length
  • $120

The smooth, polished finish will slide easily into your anus when combined with ample lube. You can use it on your own or with your partner, as it’s designed to reach both G-spots and P-spots with ease!

10. Aneros Progasm – Best For Experienced Prostate Players

aneros progasm

The Aneros Progasm prostate massager is ergonomically designed, with curves and fullness designed to fill you with the ultimate pleasure.

Key Features

  • Angled head for better prostate stimulation
  • Easy-to-grab handles
  • $59.95

If you are used to anal play, this massager provides the ultimate upgrade. Its rigid structure and fullness will ensure great stimulation, while the handles make it easy to get it in the right place. Believe us; you will experience waves of orgasmic pleasure.

11. Lelo Loki Wave – “Come Hither” Prostate Vibrator

lelo loki wave


The Lelo Loki Wave hits two sensational spots in one go. It stimulates your prostate and your perineum in one go.

Key Features

  • Ten vibration settings
  • Perineum stimulator for extra pleasure
  • Charges in 1 hour.
  • $219.99

With two bulbed vibrating heads, you can expect some serious pleasure from this prostate massager. The undulating waves provide some pretty intense stimulation, that helps you reach a spectacular orgasm.

While it is quite pricey, this prostate massager comes with a gentle beckoning motion that helps you hit that P-spot in the right place.

12. Lovense Edge – Best App-Controlled Men’s Adult Toy

lovense edge

Lovense Edge is a prostate massager with a little extra. It is a Bluetooth-enabled toy, which means you or your partner can take control, even if they are away.

Key Features

  • Adjustable arm
  • Prolonged, high-level vibration
  • $105

The adjustable arm enables you to hit the precise area on your prostate that gets you going, and once you’ve adjusted it, it will stay at the right angle. With various vibrations, this massager will ensure you hit that sweet spot.

Give your partner control of the app and enjoy long-distance or discreet public play. Lovense often makes the app-controlled sex toys you see on the best cam sites, so you’re in good hands.

13. LoveHoney Bedtime Bullet Cock Ring Set – Best Sex Toy For Men With Partners

lovehoney bedtime bullet

This vibrating cock ring set is incredibly versatile, pleasuring you and your partner.

Key Features:

  • Provides both clitoral and perineal stimulation
  • Enhances your erection
  • $13.49

The two different rings have a variety of textures that are ideal for both clitoral and perineal stimulation. As well as helping to maintain your erection, the rings will help make you harder and last longer.

14. TENGA Eggs Easy Beat – Cheap Disposable Male Masturbation Toys

tenga egg easy beat

If you are looking for a discreet masturbator, TENGA Eggs Easy Beat could be just what you need.

Key Features

  • Discreet, disposable masturbators
  • Super-stretchy material
  • Include lube
  • $5.99

The clever design looks like an egg, but pop it open, and you have a male masturbation toy, complete with a sachet of lube—perfect for traveling. Simply slip it over your penis, and it will stretch as you stroke. There’s no need to worry about it breaking; it’s pretty sturdy, despite the initial feel.

15. Autoblow AI – High-Tech Male Masturbation Machine

autoblow ai

The Autoblow AI is a blow job simulator that has gained a lot of interest. Similar to a fleshlight, it is designed with a super soft inner sleeve, which is meant to replicate the feel of a mouth.

Key Features

  • 10 different teasing modes
  • Customizable penis gripper
  • $219

While it might seem a bit pricey, the Autoblow AI is an incredible device. The 10 play modes focus on different parts of your penis, creating suction and teasing that will take you to new heights.

It is on the noisy side, so you might want to put on some music, so others in your house don’t know what you are getting up to.

16. WeVibe Vector – Powerful Prostate Massager

we vibe vector

One of the best vibrating dildos for men, this remote-controlled massager is a powerful P-spot stimulator that will take you to new heights.

Key Features

  • 10 vibration settings
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Adjustable head
  • $139

This cutting-edge prostate massager will take things to the next level. The adjustable bulb head and flexible base mean that you can find the perfect angle to hit those sweet spots. The 10 different vibration modes mean you can crank things up when you reach orgasm.

17. TENGA Flip Zero – Intense Male Masturbator From Japan

Tenga flip Zero

This TENGA masturbator can be used when you are flaccid or erect because of its flip-open design.

Key Features

  • The flip-open design makes it easy to lubricate and clean
  • Discreet
  • Strong suction
  • $99.99

As well as its discretion, it is one of the most loved masturbators on the market. The climax-inducing textures will drive you wild, just place your penis inside, lube up, and stroke away for some explosive pleasure.

18. Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid – Best For Riley Reid Fans

fleshlight quick shotriley

Modeled on porn star Riley Reid, this masturbation sleeve can provide either a vaginal or anal orifice, depending on your preference.

Key Features

  • Open-ended sleeve
  • Vagina entrance or an anus entrance
  • $39.99

This SuperSkin sleeve will give you an ultra-realistic experience, no matter what the size of your penis. The open-ended design means you can stroke away without the fear of experiencing an uncomfortable “bump.”

You’ll find a variety of textures inside and adjustable vacuum pressure, which will allow you to customize your experience.

19. FUN FACTORY Cobra Libre II – Best Penis Head Vibrator

fun factory cobre libre

If you are looking for something a little bit different, this rechargeable men’s vibrator will provide you with some incredible pleasure.

Key Features

  • Powerful dual motors
  • USB rechargeable
  • 3.5 -nch insertable pleasure
  • $129.99

With stimulation focussed on both your penis head and your frenulum, the dual-motor toy has multiple speeds so you can explore what gives you the most pleasure. It’s super-quiet, fully rechargeable, and completely waterproof. Just slip on some lube, lay back, and enjoy.

20. TRACEY COX Supersex Stroker – Cheap Male Sex Toy

tracey cox super

The TRACEY COX Supersex stroker comes in two different models, the supertight and the sensation stroker.

Key Features

  • Supersoft, textured sleeve
  • Open-ended, to fit any size penis
  • $24.99

Both sleeves work the same way—but as the names suggest, one offers a super-tight feel, whereas the other has extra nodules for some truly sensational feels. The open-ended design means that you can use the strokers no matter what your size.

21. Lovense Gush – Bluetooth-controlled Men’s Vibrator

lovense gush

Lovense has made a truly exceptional male masturbator. The Gush is app-controlled, allowing you to get some hands-free pleasure.

Key Features

  • Easily adjustable
  • Optional band for increased intensity
  • $139.99

The masturbator’s unique design provides the perfect fit, no matter what your size is. Slip it on and adjust it to your own unique shape and size, and you are ready to go. Cycle through the various settings and find your preferred vibration speed and pattern for some hands-free pleasure.

22. TRACEY COX Edge – Top Penis Stroker Toy

tracey cox edge

This stamina stroker will help you last longer, no matter what the stimulation.

Key Features

  • Helps to improve your play
  • Intense stimulation
  • $24.99

The textured, super-soft sleeve on this stroker will intensify your pleasure, helping you to learn how to hold on for a little bit longer. The sleeve molds to your penis for a snug fit, and the suction hole at the end enables you to adjust the intensity.

A few sessions with this, and you will be able to reap the benefits in the bedroom.

23. LoveHoney Rocks Off Big Boy – Large Men’s Anal Toy

lovehoney rocks off big boy

Prostate massagers are one thing, but this big boy is something else. It’s a hands-free vibrating massager with bulbous waves that will hit both your P-spot and your perineum, providing some seriously big-scale pleasure.

Key Features

  • Big proportions for exceptional fullness
  • Hands-free use
  • 7-function vibrator
  • $59.99

Whether you want some anal foreplay or some enhanced pleasure during penetration, this prostate massager will take you to levels you didn’t know existed. The large-ish anal toy can be used completely hands-free, enabling you to enjoy the super intense climatic experience.

24. Aneros Helix Syn Trident – Classic Prostate Massager

aneros helix

This P-spot massager is an upgrade on the previous Aneros Helix Syn, providing sleeker sensations and a better fit.

Key Features

  • Ergonomically designed to hit the P-spot
  • 4-inch insertable length
  • $69.99

Made from soft silicone with a hard interior, this prostate massager is easy to insert, and the handles mean you can move it around to make sure you hit the right spot for you. Whether you have tried anal play before or not, this toy will provide some incredibly satisfying orgasms.

25. Stimulation Enhancer Textured Penis Sleeve by LoveHoney – Cheap Penis Stroker

stimulation enhancer lovehoney


This penis sleeve will add some extra girth and partner pleasure to step your bedroom play up a notch.

Key Features

  • 2.5 inches of ribbed length
  • The stretch ball ring keeps it securely in place
  • $12.99

Whether you want to please your partner or just add some extra pleasure to your play, this penis sleeve will help. It is comfy to wear and can be worn over a condom, so you can provide some oh-so-stimulating pleasure, whether you are using it for vaginal or anal sex.

You’ll want to use lube both inside and out so both of you have a pleasurable experience.

26. Lelo Billy 2 – Top Men’s Prostate Vibrator

lelo billy 2

This luxury prostate massager will send some powerful waves right to your P-spot. It’s rechargeable, meaning you won’t have to shuffle through your drawers to find new batteries when you are in the mood.

Key Features

  • The flared base ensures safe play
  • Waterproof
  • Ultra-quiet
  • $149.99

The smooth, curved shape of the Lelo Billy 2 is slender enough for newbies to enjoy, but even seasoned pros will enjoy the power that it has. Its shape is perfect for a snug fit against your prostate, and the multiple vibration settings will provide you with some ultimate P-spot pleasure.

27. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet – Cheap Vibrating Cock Ring

lovehoney bionic bullet

These textured dual cock rings vibrate, providing both clitoral and perineal stimulation while also pleasing your pecker.


Key Features

  • Textured cock rings for mutual pleasure
  • Includes a bullet vibrator
  • $29.99

Simply slide the two stretchable rings over your shaft and balls and activate the vibing bullet for some spine-tingling sensations. With two vibration speeds and three different patterns of pulses, you’ll both be enjoying some sensational climaxes.

28. Aneros Vice 2 – Top Vibrating Dildo For Men

aneros vice 2

Aneros is one of the leaders in P-spot pleasure, creating some seriously impressive prostate massagers. The Vice 2 is no exception. In fact, it’s their flagship vibrating model.

Key Features

  • Interactive “joy” button
  • 18 vibration patterns
  • $149.99

The super-smooth medical-grade silicone provides extra comfort, and the ergonomic curves and bulbous head target your prostate and perineum precisely. Turn on the powerful vibrations and pick from the 18-patterns included, and you will be in pure bliss.

29. Kiiroo Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive – Top Men’s Vibrator

kiiroo hot octopus

This ultra-strong male masturbator provides some of the most intense thrills you can expect to find with a toy. Better still, it’s controlled by an app, which means your partner can give you some ultimate teasing.

Key Features

  • 5 thrilling patterns & 8 intensity levels
  • Bluetooth enabled for long-distance play
  • $179.99

The oscillating central plate in the silicone wings will take you to a whole new level. You don’t need to stroke it (but you can if you want to). Just slip it on, lay back, and let the pleasure sensations build.

30. LoveHoney High Roller – Intensity Your Orgasms

love honey high roller

This remote-controlled, rotating prostate massager will give you some serious thrills.

Key Features

  • 3 vibration speeds and seven patterns
  • Flared base for safe play
  • $79.99

The P-spot High Roller uses circular stroking motions to help launch you into orbit. The shapely toy has a 4.5- inch girth at its widest point, providing precise stimulation for both your prostate and perineum.

It’s remote-controlled, so you can give control to someone else and enjoy some serious fireworks.

31. Shower Mount for Fleshlight – Best Men’s Adult Toy Accessory

showermount for fleshlight

The Fleshlight Shower Mount enables you to attach your Fleshlight-branded toy to a flat surface and enjoy the pleasure hands-free.

Key Features

  • Easy fit for most Fleshlights
  • Adjustable hinge enables you to get the best action
  • $32.99

Whatever angle or height you need, the Shower Mount has you covered. Simply screw the base of your Fleshlight to the mount, attach it to a flat, dry surface, and away you go. Spice up your shower time!

32. LoveHoney Glass Booty Buddy – Best Glass Sex Toy For Men

lovehoney glass booty

If you are looking for a newbie butt plug, look no further. This sensual Glass Booty Buddy not only provides some serious pleasure but also looks the part too.

Key Features

  • Shatter-resistant glass
  • T-bar base for peace of mind
  • Curved tip provides exquisite stimulation
  • $24.99

This petite plug is crafted from shatter-resistant glass, and the smooth surface makes it easy to insert, providing perfect prostate stimulation. It won’t leave you feeling excessively full, but it will hit all of your internal hotspots. Good stuff!

33. TANTUS Silicone P-spot Anal Vibrator – Large Men’s Vibrator

tantus silicone

The TANTUS Silicone P-spot Anal Vibrator provides some incredible stimulation. The bulbous head creates a feeling of fullness, which will lead to a truly exceptional orgasm.

Key Features

  • 7.5-inch dildo for men with a removable bullet vibe
  • The flared base prevents unwanted travel
  • $44.99

Turn on the bullet vibe into the base of the dildo for some intense vibrations and patterns. Although you can use it for solo play, the vibrator is perfect for pegging. Simply slip the dildo into a harness, and enjoy it with your partner.

34. BATHMATE HydroMax 9 Penis Pump – Best Penis Pump

bathmate hydro max

If you want to be bigger, the BATHMATE HydroMax 9 Penis Pump is for you.

Key Features

  • Hydraulic pressure increases the size of your erection
  • Suitable for pre-pump erection length of 9 inches
  • $199.99

Size matters, at least to some people. Designed for the larger man, the pump pressurizes the water in the cylinder around your penis, helping to boost your erection.

You won’t experience any bruising, bending, or bulging. It is completely safe and will give you your optimal size.

Best Male Sex Toys FAQs

Why Should Men Use Sex Toys?

Men should use sex toys for extra pleasure, to spice things up in the bedroom, and to get better at sex. Seriously, most men reach orgasm quicker than women, so practicing how to last longer can improve your sex life all around.

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How Many Men Use Sex Toys?

The number of men who use sex toys is growing. A study conducted by sexual health and wellness company, TENGA, found that 51 percent of American men would be open to using sex toys on themselves [1].

Given the shame and stigma surrounding masturbation sleeves, men’s vibrators, dildos for men, and more of the best male sex toys… it wouldn’t be suprising if the true figures are even higher.

What are the Best Materials Used For Male Sex Toys?

The best materials used for male sex toys are body-safe, non-toxic materials like silicone, borosilicate, and TPE. Look for sex toys that are branded as latex-free, and phthalate-free, so you know that they are safe for your health.

How Can Men Have Stronger Orgasms?

Men can have stronger orgasms by experimenting with different sex toys for men. Prostate massagers can help you to have exceptionally intense orgasms felt throughout your entire body. It can take a bit of practice, but once you have the knack, you won’t look back.

What Are The Best Male Sex Toys For Those Who Cannot Get Hard?

The best male sex toys for those who can’t get hard include cock rings (which help you to keep an erection), men’s vibrators like the FUN FACTORY Manta, or strokers like the TENGA Flip Zero.

What Is the Best Lubricant For Male Sex Toys?

The best lubricant for male sex toys is water-based lube. You can use this with all sex toys, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will cause any damage. You might just need to apply more as you go.

Conclusion – Which Is The Best Male Masturbation Toy?

Whether you want to experiment, have some solo fun, or bring some extra spice to the bedroom, sex toys for men can make an incredible addition to your sex life.

Whether you choose the FUN FACTORY Manta, the LoveHoney Rocks Off Big Boy, or the TENGA Onacup, be adventurous—experimenting should be fun and will almost definitely be an upgrade on the five-finger model that you are used to.

The key thing to remember is not to be embarrassed. Sex toys for men give you some incredible orgasms, and without a doubt, you’ll have fun trying them out.


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