Better than the Travelling Willburys, I Know Leopard recruit 8 bands for their supergroup

It’s been a little while since we caught up with old mates I Know Leopard, and the band haven’t been wasting time twiddling their thumbs. They have a brand new EP out, Another Life, and it’s a ripper. Since we’re all suckers for puns and listicles, we tasked the band with creating a playlist full of artists they wish they could form a supergroup with, at least in another life.

I Know Leopard another life list

Sydney four-piece I Know Leopard pick out their favourite artists at the moment and tell us why they would be the perfect match to form a supergroup with.

Zefereli – Withdrawls

We just finished a mammoth 6 week Gang of Youths tour with these guys and we fell in love with them both as people and musicians. Ali is such a great songwriter. His melodies are real heart melters.

Ainslie Wills – Drive

We’ve never met her but have always admired everything she’s done. Her music is just so sophisticated but at the same time laden with hooks. Super inspiring to us.

Last Dinosaurs – Apollo

We toured with these boys at the start of the year and they quickly became our best mates in the biz. They are musically immaculate and they know how to churn out the hits too.

Sampa The Great – Jamal

I’ve been listening to a lot from this artist lately. I’m a big hip-hop fan and to be honest, she’s the first Australian hip-hop artist that I’ve been truly excited about in a long time. Musically, its full of so many interesting textures and her delivery is full of soul and personality.

The Creases – Point

I love these guys because all of their songs are so effortlessly great. They could play a show in a venue with the worst possible sound and mix and the songs would still shine through. The melodies are just that strong.

Charles Murdoch – Straws

A super exciting producer that deserves all the attention he’s getting and more. Delicate, luscious soundscapes that make us swoon.

Buoy – Don’t Want to See You

We caught Buoy at Bigsound and were transported into another world. We think they are criminally underrated. It all shifts so silkily from haunting to heavenly.

Royal Headache – Another World

One of our favourite bands in Australia. So much heart in such a concise format.