Phoebe Bridgers wins first Grammy as boygenius calls a timeout

Phoebe Bridgers Grammy win kinda sums up the year so far, highs, lows and a poignant pregnant pause in between

Phoebe Bridgers clinched her inaugural Grammy for the hauntingly beautiful “Ghost In The Machine” with SZA, just as her collaborative effort, boygenius, alongside Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus, revealed plans to take a breather.

It’s a juxtaposition of celebrating her solo success while the collective band opts for a hiatus, leaving fans in a state of conflicting emotions.

boygenius hiatus

This Grammy win marks a pivotal moment in Bridgers’ career, solidifying her standing as a heavyweight in contemporary music, as if to prove it, the Grammy’s haven’t stopped rolling in, with boygenius taking home the best rock performance.

The SZA collaboration adds another layer to her already multifaceted musical identity, showcasing her artistic versatility beyond individual spotlights.

However, a reality check follows as Boygenius announces a pause. After a sold-out acoustic spectacle in Los Angeles, the trio discloses their decision to step back “for the foreseeable future.”

This announcement comes on the heels of their well-received 2023 debut album, “The Record,” and the subsequent EP, “The Rest,” hinting at a trajectory that seemed far from reaching its zenith.

While the intricacies of the hiatus remain shrouded, it’s important to recall that Boygenius was initially conceived as a finite venture when it debuted in 2018.

Each member embarked on solo endeavors, delivering acclaimed albums like Bridgers’ “Punisher” and Baker’s “Little Oblivions.”

The 2023 reunion was a sweet surprise for fans, and while the hiatus might feel like an abrupt pit stop, the resonating melodies they crafted are far from forgotten.

It’s not a complete halt; it’s a timeout, a collective inhale before the next verse begins.

There is always a bright side – no doubt this hiatus provides room for Bridgers, Baker, and Dacus to pursue their own solo creative endeavours, which, let’s not forget, are pretty damn solid all on their own.

The music will patiently wait, and the anticipation lingers as fans traverse this transitional pause with a mix of nostalgia and hopeful expectancy, wondering what the next chapter will bring for both Bridgers and the temporarily dormant Boygenius.