25 years in the making, TB Whiteside releases his debut record in traditional fashion

Collecting stories from his hometown Western Victoria, TB Whiteside’s debut Tales From The Greenhills Tavern captures his everyday existence

It’s been a long road to releasing a debut record for TB, and he insists on doing it his way. Made for CD, TB Whiteside is a traditionalist when it comes to how listeners consume his music.

Keeping two tracks limited to the physical record, the rest of his efforts are still found online, a necessary concession if anyone outside of his community is to hear his first musical endeavour.

TB Whiteside new album 2024

A combination of originals and covers, TFTGT opens with Just Singing A Song, a tune that feels as if pulled directly from Play School, a charming little ditty featuring some younger voices and a chorus brimming with a subtle sense of joy.

It’s a quick look into TB’s life, as well as his songwriting style. Folky, easy to listen to and well produced, Just Singing A Song is full of energy.

First World Problem Blues lives up to its title, infusing some classic blues slide guitar and shuffle grooves into a country rock bedrock.

TB’s voice is soft and unassuming, his Australian accent at the forefront. With a second verse that focuses entirely on being overwhelmed by the amount of TV remotes at one’s disposal, TB offers levity throughout TFTGT.

tb whitesdie

The highlight of Tales From The Greenhills Tavern is Raise Your Glass (Song For Billy.) Country-blues production and a slew of affecting harmonies, this ode to a friend passed is at the heart of TB’s collection of tales.

For That Feeling Of Love is a story-song of two young people coming together. The simple acoustic guitar progression and piano lead line are inviting, a pleasant moment that lets us hear TB stripped to just his voice and some strings.

Closing with the aptly titled Goodbye, a heartbroken old-school country ballad, TB yearns for the past. One again the production hogs the spotlight, atmospheric slide guitars and precisely plucked acoustic guitar. This is where TB is at his best.

tb whiteside cd

It may have taken him 25 years, but TB Whiteside is finally ready to share his little piece of the world with the rest of us.

Listen to Tales From The Greenhills Tavern in full below.