Go track-by-track through Havens’ debut album ‘Fairy Tales’

Toronto singer-songwriter Havens dives deep into the creative inspiration behind each track on his stellar debut, ‘Fairy Tales’.  

Earlier this year, Havens delivered ethereal magic on the aptly-titled album ‘Fairy Tales’.

The sprawling debut project saw the Toronto musician dive deep into the fairy tales that underpin our ideas of romance and relationships, as guided by his knack for nostalgia and alt-rock sounds. 

Havens interview
Credit: Justin Friesen

“It was a cathartic and therapeutic experience to put my feelings into words,” Havens later told us of the songwriting behind the project.

So feverish was our reaction to the album that we simply had to catch up with Havens for a deep-dive into its meaning.

Below, the singer-songwriter goes track-by-track through his debut record, from the “first date” romance of ‘If Tonight’ to the narcissists that inspired ‘Little Hero’. 

Catch Havens’ full track breakdown below, and scroll down to listen to his latest album ‘Fairy Tales’.  

If Tonight

Picture yourself on a romantic Friday date night. The stars have aligned with you and the one you’re with, and you both feel on top of the world (at least for now).

Taking Me Away

When you meet someone who shows you what being treated right feels like.


In today’s world of dating apps and endless options, looking for love can start to feel a bit routine, like brushing one’s teeth.

Half of Your Heart

As Frank Sinatra once sang and Jack Lawrence once wrote: “all or nothing at all…half a love never appealed to me.” Well, I for one agree, and you should too (even if the other person didn’t).

Fairy Tales

Whether afraid of falling in love, afraid of getting emotionally scarred, or afraid to take the plunge and follow whatever one’s dreams are, this kind of tragic fear can certainly complicate one’s life and relationships.

The Box 

That feeling of the second stage of grief: denial, with a little dose of the third: anger.


When you’re strong enough and knowledgeable enough to not let setbacks get you down and affect your belief in love.

Your Nature 

You’ve been stabbed in the back and the blade might have gone deep enough to pierce your heart, yet similarly as before, you march on with your convictions unshaken.

Little Hero

We all know narcissists at our work, in our social circles, families of even intimate relationships. Your only defence is to ignore them and perhaps laugh at them, for your own sanity.

Make Things Better

The realities and complexities of modern life are testing on any relationship. You hope the love will last, but you know there’s a fight to keep it alive.