Step into the past with Havens’ debut full length record

Toronto based alternative singer-songwriter Havens releases his melancholic yet hope inspiring record Fairy Tales

Inspired by the hard-hitters of the 80s (The Smiths, The Cure) and the male rulers of the 2000s (The Killers, Franz Ferdinand) Havens AKA Andrew Beg presents his debut full length record ‘Fairy Tales’ .

The 12 track record is the perfect introduction to Beg’s project, and the first look at what an album looks like from the artist.

Photo:Justin Friesen

Opening with ‘If Tonight’, Havens establishes a 90s infused energy, comparable to the likes of Gin Blossoms with guitar tones pulled directly from early The Cure.

Nostalgic and high energy, ‘If Tonight’ feels as if it has been around forever, a track pulled from the soundtrack of a 2000s TV show during the penultimate scene.

A memorable beginning, Havens starts out strong with this hopeful, energetic track.

‘Taking Me Away’ steps more into the 2000s alternative/indie influence, though keeping its 80s edge through melody and twinkling guitar lines.

Havens has a knack for writing soaring chorus hooks, oozing familiarity and earnestness.

‘Fall in comparison, taps into a shoegaze glazed 80s pop track. With his deep vocal tone and layered guitars, Havens once again nails his chorus, this time vaguely reminiscent of modern Brit-Pop.

havens Credit: Shane Bonnell
Photo: Shane Bonnell

‘Half Of Your Heart’ shows a gentler side to Havens vocal tone, once again offering an undeniably excellent chorus.

Infused with synths and clean guitar tones, this track feels fun despite its lyrical content.

Beg shines as a songwriter, his influences worn on his sleeve and emulated with a rousing perfection.

‘The Box’ tows the line between genre, delicately balanced atop New Wave Pop and Modern Alternative Indie.

‘Recoil’ instead leans heavily into the rock influence, opening with a gritty riff and stadium style vocals.

‘Your Nature’ feels perhaps the most modern, despite its likeness to The Smiths in its melody.

Not wanting to beat a dead horse, but this chorus is most definitely a record highlight. The title track ‘Fairy Tales’ channels Ben Folds Five, with its focus on Beg’s vocal and an uneasy minor progression.

The backend of the album is comprised of the 80s indie vibe ‘Little Hero’, the sprawling and sparkling ‘Make Things Better’ and bonus track ‘Rain Like Love’.

Havens marries genre and influence throughout the entirety of ‘Fairy Tales’.

Easy, warm and at times anthemic, ‘Fairy Tales’ is an incredibly impressive offering, one that charms and reminds as well as excites and creates.

Listen to ‘Fairy Tales’ in full below.