Listen to Groove Incorporated’s new single ‘Band of Gold’

Released today, ‘Band of Gold’ is a slice of buttery reggae from New Zealand producer Groove Incorporated. 

Groove Incorporated has told the tale of a marriage in ruins on new single ‘Band of Gold’. The instantly groovy track sees the Auckland-based former DJ dip into the styles of reggae and electronica, as guided by a vivid story around a loveless relationship.

The track opens with twinkling piano keys and catchy percussion, later transitioning into a reggae rhythm complete with subtle horn sections.

Groove Incorporated single 'Band of Gold'

All the staples of reggae are there, but Groove Incorporated also adds diverse textures, from the silky R&b vocals to the whirring backing synths.

Later, Groove Incorporated introduces a purely instrumental section, allowing his producing wizardry to truly shine.

It’s clearly the work of a musician who’s mastered his sound, with ‘Band of Gold’ feeling buttery enough to spread on toast and destined for an entry on your summer afternoon playlist. 

Lyrically, ‘Band of Gold’ sketches a portrait of a doomed newlywed couple, from a honeymoon spent in separate rooms to the hope that the groom will “walk through the door and love me like you tried before.”

Groove Incorporated single 'Band of Gold'

It’s a gloomy tale that belies the track’s otherwise resplendent production, and showcases Groove Incorporated’s versatility in both sound and substance.   

‘Band of Gold’ received input from Wellington engineer and roots reggae legend, Lee ‘Scratch’ Prebble. For his part, Groove Incorporated is the brainchild of Michael Fredrickson, who recently travelled to Jamaica in pursuit of deepening his sound.

What’s more, the music project is set to release ‘Aotearoa Reggae’, which will trace the popularity of reggae music in his home country of New Zealand

In the meantime, check out Groove Incorporated’s single ‘Band of Gold’ here and below.

band of gold