boygenius lead the indie music scene with ‘the rest’

Grab your headphones because boygenius just unleashed their latest EP, “the rest.”

boygenius, a trio featuring Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, just dropped their latest EP, “the rest,” on Interscope. It’s a four-track gem that’s seriously worth a listen.

They kicked things off with “Black Hole” at a sold-out show in Boston last September, and they’ve been giving us sneak peeks of their new stuff throughout their U.S. tour.


The big reveal happened at Madison Square Garden, and it was electric. Fans got to soak in the pure, unfiltered talent that boygenius brings to the stage.

“the rest” is a big step forward from their first album, “the record,” which got rave reviews. The trio’s songwriting chops are top-notch, and their sound is totally their own. Each track on this EP is a testament to their combined brilliance, blending their individual styles into one harmonious groove.

boygenius proves once again that they’re musical geniuses, breaking boundaries and stirring up deep feelings with “the rest.” It’s not just a bunch of songs—it’s a journey, an experience, and a reminder of the timeless power of music.

And if you’re up for a treat, check out their acoustic performance of “Cool About It” from the record on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert above.

Dive into the extraordinary world of “the rest” by BOYGENIUS.


Black Hole

Afraid of Heights



Listen to “the rest” below: