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From memorable quotes like ‘rot in piss’ to some major tear-jerking moments, here is the best of The Grammys

Legendary performances, record-smashing wins, and some seriously honest moments, here are our fav moments from the 2024 Grammys

The 2024 Grammys brought us a night that was anything but business as usual. We witnessed some legendary moves on stage, like Joni Mitchell and Annie Lennox doing what they do best. While Taylor Swift picked up her fourth consecutive win for Album of the Year. 

In the midst of the glitz, Phoebe Bridgers injected her characteristic wit and honesty, and Jay-Z used his platform not just for personal acknowledgment but to advocate for the recognition of Beyoncé’s achievements.

annie lennox grammys ceasefire


Beyond the awards, emotional highlights included Tracy Chapman‘s moving performance, SZA’s genuine expression of joy, and Billy Joel’s nostalgic return to the stage. Annie Lennox’s tribute to Sinéad O’Connor extended beyond music, delivering a powerful call for peace.

Even with unexpected incidents like Killer Mike’s arrest, the 2024 Grammys left a lasting impression, underscoring the profound impact of music to evoke emotions, inspire, and provide unexpected moments in the real world.

Check out our top ten highlights from The Grammys for 2024.


Celine Dion made a grand entrance at the Grammys, proving that even a stiff-person syndrome diagnosis can’t keep her away. 

Taylor Swift‘s album “Midnights” not only won Album of the Year but also set a new record for her – the fourth win in the category. It seems like Taylor’s idea of “Shaking It Off” involves collecting Grammy trophies.


Phoebe Bridgers had some choice words for ex-Recording Academy president Neil Portnow backstage.  “I know you’re not dead yet, but when you are, rot in piss.” proving that her honesty knows no bounds.

Jay Z, the recipient of the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award, took a moment to remind everyone that Beyoncé deserves more Album of the Year awards. He called out some voters, saying, “Some of y’all don’t belong in the category.” When nervous, Jay Z tells the truth, and we’re here for it.

Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs delivered a tear-jerking performance, allowing Chapman to take a well-deserved victory lap for writing one of the best songs ever. It seems like even after all these years, her impact is still undeniable.

Joni Mitchell made her first-ever Grammy performance, adding an emotional touch to the night. It’s never too late for a Grammy debut, and Mitchell proved that true legends only get better with time.

Christina Aguilera made a bold statement by going from shoulder- to butt-length hair overnight. Because sometimes, changing your hairstyle is the best way to say, “Watch out, I’m here to slay.”

SZA, nominated nine times and winning three awards, couldn’t contain her emotions when she won Best R&B Song. Her honesty shone through as she admitted, “I’m not a very attractive cryer,” proving that even Grammy winners have relatable moments.

Billie Eilish, in her typical candid style, expressed her shock at winning Song of the Year with the words, “I’m shocked outta my balls.” Well, Billie, we’re shocked and delighted by your honesty.

Killer Mike had a triumphant night winning three Grammys, only to get arrested afterward. Talk about a plot twist – proving that even after the glamour of winning, life can still throw a curveball.

Annie Lennox took the stage with a powerful performance of “Nothing Compares 2 U” for Sinéad O’Connor. In a moment of sincerity, she closed the performance by calling for a ceasefire, staying true to O’Connor’s own activism.

Billy Joel made a comeback with his first new song in 17 years, and then treated everyone to an encore with “You Might Be Right.” It seems like Billy still knows how to leave the audience wanting more after all these years.