Satellite Train pair vivid storytelling with shimmering pop on new single ‘Cry’

Cry, the heartfelt new single from Satellite Train, is lifted from the supergroup’s upcoming debut album, Melbourne Sessions. 

Satellite Train have today (October 13) released Cry, a shimmering pop gem that paints a portrait of childhood solitude. The single opens with the subtle tinkle of piano keys, courtesy of John McAll, while Shane O’Mara sets the scene with poppy guitar strums. 

Also contributing to the upbeat opening moments is the punchy handiwork of drummer John (Watto), with Michael Paynter’s pristine and powerhouse vocals cutting through the instrumental flourishes.

Credit: GlenX Photography

Sitting comfortably in the pop realm, Cry makes use of infectious hooks and the kind of ascendent melodies destined to become an earworm.

Littered throughout the single is a dazzling array of radio-ready flairs, from a gradually ascending bridge that culminates in an anthemic final chorus, to backing harmonies and vocal ad libs so airy they might just reach the heavens. 

There might be a tendency for Satellite Train to rely on traditional pop formulas, but the band adds textural uniqueness to the track by dipping into a more eclectic array of sounds.

At times — with the assist of Paynter’s twangy vocals — Cry might feel at home on a country record, while it elsewhere subscribes to electro-pop flairs with the infusion of glittery keyboard sections.

Satellite Train single 'Cry'

The result is an expansive pop single that draws from a broad sonic palette, with lyrics that belie its otherwise uplifting tune. Deepening the listening experience, Satellite Train sketch the persona of a young girl who walks “all alone” and is “crying out for love.”

In between vivid details about the girl’s upbringing, the band pairs the portrait of loneliness with an inevitable message of hope in the face of adversity. “Open up your heart,” Paynter croons encouragingly on the triumphant chorus, “catch a falling star.” 

Satellite Train single 'Cry'

To squeeze heady and evocative storytelling within the confines of a pop song is no small feat, but such mastery is perhaps to be expected from a band composed of so many stars. 

Alongside Paynter, who has worked with the likes of Icehouse and Jimmy Barnes, Satellite Train has played host to a revolving door of contributors.

This includes bassist Pasquale Monea, and singer-songwriter Susan Turner, as well as international talents in the form of Randy Jacobs and Jamie Muhoberac. 

Satellite Train single 'Cry'

All of these musicians contributed to Satellite Train’s upcoming debut album, from which Cry was lifted. Titled Melbourne Sessions, the album is set for release next month, and has already spawned the lead single Superstar and triple-single Shameless.

In the meantime, listen to Satellite Train’s new single Cry below.