Big Whoops run us through each track of their new EP ‘Virtuous & Vile’

If you haven’t already been slapped across the head by Virtuous & Vile, the new EP from Sunshine Coast-based outfit Big Whoops, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it now. The EP is a relentless slab of hard rock, and we’ve had it spinning on repeat ever since we first laid ears on it.

So fresh off the EP’s release, we caught up with the band for a complete run-down of each track.

With an epic new EP fresh under their belts, we caught up with Sunny Coast band Big Whoops for a complete track-by-track run-down.

Haunt Me Out

From the spume filled bowels of heavy rock, something heavier was crafted. To sunder the sonic soul of an emotionally fleeting moment, this song tears open the EP with vile intention. Heavy. Creepy. Haunting.

Brief Reprieve

To walk the line between that which is heavy and that which is groovy is a precarious task… so are 3-day benders that result in riffs fuelled by warm beer and dilapidation. Try to walk that line after having one…

What If?

This song is something between a love song, a ballad, a story, and an ode to some seriously angsty content. Point being, you can overcome it all with help from the ones around you. Wondrous, right?


Criminal is an ode. A message, directed at all of those who’ve felt the woes, inflicted by those who are unable to escape themselves. And it’s a warning. For the ones who’s souls are falling, a fervid calling to wake up to themselves. In a far heavier approach to writing than normal, we’ve imbued as much meaning to this song and its message as possible – and we’re proud.

Old & Faultful

This emotional yet unfaltering anthem demonstrates the amBIGuity of our musical entirety. Contemporary value and hard hitting grooves demonstrate the best of both worlds in this two-sided creation… a melodic beginning with pop punk flavours and an ear splitting breakdown at the end constitute a fitting finale.

Virtuous & Vile is available now. Listen above.