Billie Eilish granted restraining order against stalker following terrifying threats

A temporary restraining order against Billie Eilish’s stalker has been approved. According to documents obtained by NBC News, the singer says the individual would camp outside her L.A. family home.

As reported by Pedestrian TV, Billie Eilish (19) accused her stalker, John Hearle (23), of making “throat-slitting” signals towards her, along with threats and harassment. She also alleges that Hearle attempted to look inside her family residence by “perching on the fence of a school” nearby.

NBC News mentioned that this isn’t the first time the artist has requested a restraining order against a stalker. TMZ reported that Prenell Rousseau (24) allegedly appeared at her parents’ home on several occasions.

Billie Eilish body shamers
Billie Eilish. Photo: Harmony Korine

In a request to the LA county court, Billie Eilish said her latest stalker, John, has caused: “… emotional injury including fear for my safety, fear for the safety of my family, and loss of my sense of peace and tranquility and security in my home and personal space resulting from the repeated instances of harassment.”

Billie also mentioned: “I no longer feel safe going outside my home and enjoying basic physical exercise in my neighbourhood, as he could attempt to approach and hurt me … Every time I see him I just want to scream.”

According to The Guardian, a hearing on the matter will take place on the 4th of March this year.