Björk shares shape-shifting new video for her 2017 track Losss

Icelandic star Björk has shared a music video for her track Losss, off her 2017 record Utopia. The mind-bending video has been directed by Tobias Gremmler, who also directed the artist’s video for Tabula Rasa earlier in the year.

The video shows Björk visualised as insect-like creatures in a floral styling, highlight an extent of digital animation and sensuality. The video follows the singer floating and transforming against vibrant textures and colours, illustrating a relationship between two morphing aliens as they move in and out of nebulous shapes and bodies.

Björk losss

Directed by Tobias Gremmler, the alien-like visual accompaniment features Björk in an incredible digital rendering of nebulous existence.

“It is time to show you another song visualised by the overwhelmingly talented Tobias Gremmler” says Björk in the video’s description. “No one captures digital sensuality like him, elegant and expressive. This is made for the multiple screens of Cornucopia and we share it all on here for you laptop screen.”

“We based the visuals on the conversations between our inner optimist and pessimist, when I recorded this I tried to sing in a deeper tone for one of them in the left speaker and a higher optimist in the right. If you listen on headphones it will match the imagery.”

The Losss video arrives just in time for Björk’s new performance series Cornucopia, which is touring in Europe and United States. Check out the clip below: