Blake Strange: Mastering the euphoric symphony of melodic house with new single ‘Crave’

Blake Strange’s techno spirit knows no bounds, the only rule is to surrender yourself to the music and let the rhythm guide your every move.

Melodic house is good for a couple of things…and by “a couple,” I mean a whole damn lot. It’s the auditory elixir that transcends space and time, whisking you away to a neon-lit wonderland where inhibitions are shed like yesterday’s news.

Blake Strange, the mastermind behind this electrifying experience, delivers relentless beats that surge through your veins, transforming you into a force of nature on the dancefloor, where bodies move in perfect harmony, and time itself is a blur. His knack for pacing is spot-on, almost like a heartbeat pounding in your chest, allowing a meditative rhythm that moves your limbs effortlessly.

Blake Strange 'Alter Ego'

Following up on the success of ‘Alter Ego‘ and a killer collaboration with the German-based label Jannowitz, Blake Strange’s nine-track project spans the vast reaches of electronica, from underground techno to dance floor-filling melodic house.

With ‘Crave’ – a fresh new single dropping today – it’s a continuance of pure techno at its best – pulsating beats, electrifying synths, and bass drops that hit you like a freight train, creating a euphoric escape from reality. Clocking in at 6 minutes, it gives you the perfect chance to dance yourself into an electronic sweaty frenzy.

And that’s not all – ‘Desire,’ attached to the above release, serves as the perfect B-side – a drop that lets you tune out, forget your worries, and dance like nobody’s business.

Refreshingly, Blake’s latest singles prove it’s not just about the ragers and reckless abandon. He infuses emotional depth into his music, pulling heartstrings like a virtuoso. Whether you’re caught up in the euphoria of a hands-in-the-air anthem or lost in the ethereal sounds of ambient electronica, Blake Strange brings a catharsis to the genre that can cleanse your soul.

Get ready to lose yourself in the symphony of beats – it’s a ride you won’t soon forget. So, dim the lights, crank up the volume, and let Blake Strange take you on an unforgettable journey through the pulsating wonderland of melodic house and techno.