Bleed Guiness with The Bitter Sweethearts as they play their last hometown show of the year

A couple of naughty lads from Sydney calling themselves The Bitter Sweethearts have been turning heads this year, and not always for the right reasons. They’ve been all over the country, emptying kegs everywhere they tread and even running in with the old AFP in Canberra.

They’re rock n’ roll like it was in the 60s; mean, no-bullshit musical fire fuelled by booze and attitude. If this sounds like your kind of party, you’ve got one chance to catch these guys in their hometown before the year is through.

bitter sweethearts

Stepping to the stage with liquor still dripping from their lips, The Bitter Sweethearts throw around a triple-distilled, purified rock n’ roll that the rest of the world has forgotten.

Sure to be a rowdy night (at one of Sydney’s rowdier venues, no less), you’ll be hearing The Bitter Sweethearts hardest singles, including 2014’s The End and the booziest anthem around Guiness Is Thicker Than Blood.

The boys have been knocking off live shows ever since their inception. They’re proven on the stage, and off it at the afterparty.

Find out everything you need to know on the Facebook event. Details below:

Dec 10 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney – Tickets