Big Red Fire Truck aren’t putting the fire out, they’re lighting it. Sweat it out to their new tune Primal Heat

In case you haven’t noticed, Summer is here. Amongst the blistering Aussie heat you’d do your best not to get burned, but with bands like Big Red Fire Truck slinging around fiery rock n’ roll that can get tough.

Their latest single Primal Heat was extracted from the heat mirage shimmering on your favourite beach. Be careful, this fire truck was made to start a blaze, not subdue them.

primal heat big red fire truck brighton up bar

Hotter than the tarmac during a heatwave, Primal Heat is a blistering Summer rock anthem from local legends Big Red Fire Truck.

Australia is seeing a massive resurgence of rock n’ roll as it should be, the boozin’, black-clad superstars who echo the genre’s forefathers in all but name.

The days of the true rock star are far from over, and Aussie bands like Big Red Fire Truck are leading the charge. With scorching riffs, chunky chords and stadium-filling vocals, Primal Heat is the kind of ripper tune that wholly embodies this rock ideal.

Band members Digz, One Plant and Frazer bounce off each other’s musicality with artisan precision, the guitar solo in the tail-end of Primal Heat being a lesson in face-melting deliverance which Van Halen would have been proud of.

The vocals occupy the same choral quarter as Paul Stanley of KISS, a middle end echo fest that could fill the world’s biggest stages with ease and isn’t afraid of a sizzling high note here and there.

Slap on your SPF 30+, put the top down and turn it up to 11 for this red hot tune. And don’t forget the headbands… you’re gonna sweat.

A summer jam of the highest energy and calibre, Primal Heat is the kind of track you need blasted into your soul through a million watt amp. Feel that heat as Big Red Fire Truck launch Primal Heat at Brighton Up Bar on Friday Feb 24. All the details here. 

You can listen to Primal Heat in it’s entirety on Music Feeds.