PREMIERE: Poorly lit barns, mysterious women and painful memories. Ruminate on lost love with The Vernons in She’s Not Mine

Hailing from all along the eastern coast between Byron and Brisbane, this four-piece outfit named The Vernons have been impressing us for years with their crisp melodies that find a balance between modern and classic blues sounds.

Once again they’ve pulled it off with a new tune and a classy video clip to accompany it. The track, titled She’s Not Mine is a reflection on an ex-girlfriend and the blues of the post-breakup relationship.

The stern lyrics are backed up by some killer guitar riffs, a laid-back drumbeat that builds in intensity throughout the song and a bass line that keeps you guessing.

the vernons

She’s Not Mine from The Vernons inexplicably draws you in, boasting a fatal attraction within the lyricism that only a deranged ex-lover could muster.

Origins of The Vernons can be tracked back to Spain, where two of the band members met and realised they were practically neighbours on the other side of the world.

From there, they made a big entrance to the Aussie blues rock scene back in 2012, supporting acts like Wolfmother, The Rubens, Gang Of Youths and even playing at Big Day Out.

The music video is set at a live performance of the new song, shot so that the lighting gives the clip a small town, smoky pub vibe. Between shots of the band jamming away we see clips of a mysterious femme fatale taunting lead singer Jonny Nyst as he sings about the past relationship.

The expressive vocals from Nyst are a standout feature, unbelievably emotive whilst managing to stand strong against the wailing guitar line which highlights the chorus.

With a good chunk of 2016 being spent in the studio, She’s Not Mine is the first taste of their upcoming EP, which is set for release in the new year.

The band have just wrapped up a number of gigs along the east coast to cheekily preview the tune but they’ll undoubtedly be back for another round soon.