Trapdoor may be cheeky, but they’re serious about getting to the roots of rock n’ roll

One band quickly asserting themselves as true performers of rock ‘n’ roll are Trapdoor.

Exploring the roots of rock, Trapdoor have had a fantastic year which will be wrapped up on December 16 with a devilish single launch at Miami Shark Bar. We caught up with the boys to talk about the prime time of rock, changing their own sound, and their cheeky launch party.


Feeling nostalgic? Get a good ol’ slap of classic rock from the Gold Coast’s raddest local rock boys Trapdoor.

Embracing the all-inclusive festive spirit, Trapdoor’s last show of the year brings together both the naughty and nice kids – “one hell of a launch party” for “saints and sinners.”

On which side of Santa’s list they’re on, they say “according to mum we are nice boys.”

Cruising along the Gold Coast, the five musicians have a combination of diverse experiences and inventive sounds which they contribute to the band. Although passionate about classic rock ‘n’ roll blues, they’ve recently decided to embrace grunge. Their new single, Holy Truth, gets down and dirty.

“We stuck to our guns on Holy Truth. We tried to keep a raw sound through tracking as live as possible, to maintain that sound. It also contains a message that is a lot closer to home for us. they say.

Trapdoor know a lot of people still love old-school rock, and understand that more and more Aussies are coming back to it.

“I think a lot of people have an appreciation for that era of music as a lot of great music was created. Popular music in that era was good quality, but it died out. Some of it was timeless and will still be listened to for generations.” 

More than just awesome music, Trapdoor hope to send a vital message. In their words, they aim to “highlight the hypocrisies of particular systems people live their life by.”

As to how exactly you read into that, you’ll just have to smack on Holy Truth and decide for yourself.

After the anticipated release of their EP, Bison, in January 2017, Trapdoor will be launching themselves into an east coast Australia tour. After that, it’s just “continuing to gig, create more music and keep on keepin’ on.”