Go Van Go shoot us down with their combination of 90s grunge and contemporary rock on new LP, Kill City: Renegades

Brisbane based rock duo Go Van Go remind us with their new EP Kill City: Renegades that big things can come in small packages.

Go Van Go

Delivered in a combination of both contemporary and older rock sounds, Kill City: Renegades is exactly what you would imagine a good mixture of present and past rock would sound like.

Blowing up speakers, garages and minds since 2013, There Was You, is the second single off the EP. Having already released their debut Taking Hostages EP in late 2015, the boys are looking to build on the momentum that saw 3 of their singles get time on major stations such as triple J, Triple M and 4ZZZ and recognition from triple J’s Unearthed.

After receiving national play time with the single Superminx, Go Van Go toured extensively to support their initial release, leading them to the point of their second, and well polished Kill City: Renegades.

Perhaps shaping for a length release, Kill City: Renegades feels like the final teething of the Go Van Go. It is a piece that shows solidification in sound and showcases their wide-ranging talents, touching on various rock styles and periods and demonstrating their song-writing prowess.

Identified as grunge/garage rock influenced by specifically a 90’s and 70’s sound is just about as spot on as it comes when explaining the EP. Opening up with the new single There Was You gives you a real idea about what Go Van Go is all about.

Powerful, punchy and aggressive in a non confrontational way, There Was You has tones of Grinspoon in it’s fun, edgy delivery. Troy’s pitch in this song is a little on the high end but his range is by no means confined to that level.

You get an idea of the levels and range he is able to go to in the superiorly powerful follow up track Always The Same. Laden with a lot more attitude, Always The Same is an energetic track that is reminiscent of late 90’s early 2000’s Australian garage/grunge rock.

The following three tracks are where the boys branch out a bit more, exploring sounds that may have been a bit too difficult to touch in the first two. Skyrocket and One Thousand Exploding Suns in particular have a lot more complex guitar parts. Skyrocket has a great upbeat feel that could easily see it find it’s way on to some contemporary rock playlists.

One Thousand Exploding Suns also has a great opening with tones of Led Zep in it’s fantastic riff heavy introduction. Possibly the most complex track on the EP, it is a mature and considered track that is the best indication of what this Brissy duo has to offer.

Loud, fast and a great composition gives it that head bopping nature and immersive quality that all young rock bands search for in their early work. Definitely the best track on the EP

Kill City: Renegades is the latest EP from Brissy power duo Go Van Go. Capitalizing on the success of their debut EP Taking Hostages, Kill City: Renegades is further evidence that this amazing two piece truly does have the power to knock your socks off.

With a host of shows booked for the east coast, you may not need to keep your ears to the ground with these rockers, you will hear them from miles away.