Vaudeville Smash are a chunky funk treat on brand new soul filled LP, The Gift

Can you dig it? Yes. Yes I can. You know it’s a winner when ten seconds into a new album, your relaxed Sunday afternoon has become an absolute groovin’ dance-fest for one.

vaudeville smash

Melbourne’s Vaudeville Smash has just dropped their sophomore album, The Gift. This funk-filled, bass slappin’, sassy beast of an album will have you on your feet dancing like crazy from beginning to end.

Made up of the three Lucchesi brothers, James Bowers and Marty Lubran, the Melbourne group have wowed us in the past with viral hit Zinedine Zidan and debut album Dancing For the Girl. Two years in the making, The Gift, builds on an already infectious repertoire of tunes, with the introduction of some cool new soul/funk colours.

The self-produced album is late 70s / early 80s inspired and transports you back to a world of big hair, Ghostbusters and Midnight Star. Opening track Laura, draws you in with a dirty flute and bass line, before exploding into synth wonderland.

It is the perfect introduction of what is come in the following nine tracks.

Each song is like a unique take on dangerous romance, the highs and lows of falling for the wrong people. Some tracks, though just make you want to smile with their cheeky lines, “I need your love like an ugly child”.

This album is a soulful combination of sweaty passion and snickering boys. I’m a sucker for a good sax solo, and The Gift isn’t lacking in producing some quality instrumental gems. It’s that moment on the d-floor where everyone gets a little bit closer and the pulses start pumping.

There is fantastic interaction between band members of sneaky jazz lines and bluesy runs that creates a flavour-filled music experience. All round this album is just a really good time, I have done more exercise this week than I have all year, so that’s saying something.

Vaudeville Smash have had the privilege of touring worldwide, and their latest show is sure to be an outright mad disco fun time. Lead singer Marc Lucceshi is all about a sweaty, adrenalin filled night out, “Someone that hasn’t seen us can expect to go crazy, dance like an absolute lunatic and be lifted by the energy of an explosive band and the smiling crowd around them.”

Don’t miss your chance to catch the band as they tour from August to October. But be warned, giving this slice of freaky funk a listen is going to require hefty amounts of MJ quality moves.

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