Distorted blues drive, and thrumming drumbeats are all Bad Tooth need to take you back to the gung-ho world of classic rock

Since forming in late 2014, Bad Tooth have made a distinct effort to carve out their own niche in a scene where originality and innovation are hard to come by. The duo turn to Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Nina Simone for inspiration, admiring these artists’ skill for painting pictures, and telling winding tales through their lyrics, at times very bluntly.

Photo by Ted's Records
Photo by Ted’s Records

Scratching hard-hitting lyricism and a forgotten, days-gone-by musicianship, Bad Tooth will tickle your classic rock yearnings in all the right places.

With a five-song EP to their name, Bad Tooth leave a notable first impression with ringing guitar notes, steady beats, and distorted vocals replicating the sound of an old world radio – unique, but highly effective.

That Godawful Man kicks off with a 47-second intro, and when the vocals come in, they slot perfectly between the guitar and drums. Every beat, every riff, every lyric is so finely distorted that there’s an underlying clarity shining through.

With The Spiders is a huge standout on the EP, and diabolically underrated, while Little Lunch is about the trials and tribulations of terrifying recess-time. The track is delivered with dominant guitar guestures and a steady, loud drum beat.

After their first band fell apart after their HSC year, Benjamin and Tom wanted to keep playing music but didn’t really know anyone else who would commit or wanted to play in a band with them. Thus, Bad Tooth was birthed.

“The choice to become a two-piece wasn’t a deliberate artistic decision, but came more out of necessity. Tom was originally a guitarist but switched to drums for this group. With that being said, we are quite content as a duo.”

Bad Tooth have been known to get even the most cynical hipsters toe-tapping on the dance-floor with their infectious brand of alternative blues. Spiritually and psychologically rewarding, Bad Tooth guarantees a show that will leave you feeling nothing but super jazzed.

With an EP as impressive as Bad Tooth EP, the duo will have to work hard to outdo themselves in their future work. Bad Tooth will be performing with That Red Head  on October 29 at Vic on the Park, Marrickville.