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Don’t know what to do with all the goon bags under your bed? Go recyclable this festive season with these 7 DIY Christmas trees

By News

Don’t know what to do with all those festive albums you’re never going to listen to? (Sorry Michael Bublé). Hoping to get rid of all those goon sacks you’ve been hiding? These DIY Christmas trees might give you some creative, festive inspiration.

Setting up a Christmas tree can be a tedious, expensive and time consuming process – and to make it worse, Christmas is only seven Sundays away.

DIY Christmas Trees

If you’ve got no money, lots of rubbish and a can-do attitude, you can do yourself and the environment a favour with these 7 DIY Christmas trees.

We want you to have the best Christmas accompanied by the exact tree you want. With a DIY tree, you don’t have to spend a single buck or look any further than your bin to create a festive tree that’s perfect for you. Better yet, they are recyclable and reusable so the earth will be happy too.

You may have to drink a lot of booze to make this one:


Let your inner goon star shine.


Recycle those leftover cans!

Loath colour, decorations and anything happy? Try gluing some sticks together!


Vinyl is in. CDs are trees.



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November 9, 2016