Take a trip into escapism with Bloodyarvo’s debut single ‘Feel My Heart Sleeps’

Bloodyarvo’s Feel My Heart Sleeps instantly catapults you into another realm, with conversational vocals conveying the heaviness of isolation and loneliness.

Credit: Press

Bloodyarvo are nothing short of extraordinary. They are a band that has been carving out a bridge between riff rock and modern alternative indie, creating themselves a new place in the Sydney music scene. They are bringing new delicious flavour into the indie music scene, with themes of escapism and self-consciousness.

The band was brought to life by the band’s multi-instrumentalist member Ariq, who admitted that the band was a result of the depression and isolation he experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. He found himself seeking out escapism which led him to songwriting, which resulted in the project fruition of Bloodyarvo in 2021, where he recruited three of his university friends into the band, all bonded by their shared struggles.

Credit: Press

Bloodyarvo strives for their music to submerge their listeners into a new world of escapism, and the best example of that is their single Feel My Heart Sleeps. Which is a track that oozes with delicious melodic textures and immersive fuzzy guitars. The track instantly catapults you into another realm, with conversational vocals conveying the heaviness of isolation and loneliness. It encapsulates the experience of coming into young adulthood, with the track titled Feel My Heart Sleeps being a metaphor for feeling disconnected from the rest of the world.

The track also touches on themes of being stuck in a self-destructive cycle of partying and binge drinking, trying numb yourself to help cope with the disappointing reality you are facing. Ariq opened up to Happy stating “I really hated who I was and where I was in life, so I escape through self-destructive behaviour where I would act recklessly, partying, and drinking just to escape and isolate myself even more from the rest of the world”.

The conception of the track took place in the shower, where Ariq spontaneously came up with the chorus. This quickly led him to record a demo of the track on his laptop, and a few hours later Feel My Heart Sleeps was born. The song is musically inspired by the likes of Tame Impala’s album Lonerism for their psychedelic production, Arctic Monkey’s AM for the hip-hop drum groove, as well as Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Pages’ live guitar solos.

Bloodyarvo are escapists who are paving their own way in the scene. With Feel My Heart Sleeps being their debut single, we can expect more immersive indie-rock soundscapes heading our way.

Stream Feel My Hearts Sleeps via Spotify below.