LISTEN: Boler Mani’s drop of eerie synthy alt hip-hop ‘Silence’

Introducing Boler Mani’s ‘Silence’ full of eerie, warbled synth lines, setting the tone for what’s to come.

Melbourne-born rapper, producer, and engineer Boler Mani is back on the scene, presenting his latest single, “Silence,” a captivating piece of alternative hip-hop.

Known for his quick-changing flows and unconventional beats, Boler Mani showcases his love for tongue-in-cheek lyricism and progressive production in this latest release.

boler mani silence new release

A heavy low-end establishes a fast-paced tempo, allowing Boler to dive into his rapid-fire raps and catchy hooks.

According to Boler, “Silence” delves into the inner turmoil of being trapped in one’s thoughts, using vivid, exaggerated imagery to illustrate the feeling of being stuck in a conversation that seems never-ending.

In reflecting on the release, Boler states, “It felt good to express it this way, especially with the soundscape created in the instrumental.”

Hailing from Frankston, the 22-year-old artist discovered his passion for music through Ableton production software, turning a hobby into a dedicated pursuit. Boler Mani’s musical style is diverse, blending melodic and hype hip-hop elements. Drawing inspiration from artists like Tyler, The Creator, Don Toliver, and JID, Boler’s discography, including previous tracks like “Unsatiated,” “Pause,” and “CASHMERE,” showcases his versatility within the hip-hop genre.

Already making a mark on the festival circuit with appearances at BIGSOUND and NYE on the Hill, Boler Mani has garnered attention from media outlets such as triple j, triple j Unearthed, Complex, MTV, Sniffers, Rage, and various tastemakers who appreciate his unique sound.

With “Silence,” Boler Mani takes another step in his musical journey, offering a raw and intense experience that reflects his skillful wordplay and innovative production. Dive into the world of Boler Mani and experience the gritty realism of “Silence,” out now and ready to leave its mark on your playlist.