BAYANG captures a moment of personal transformation in “Antarctica”

There is a breath fresh air blowing in with BAYANG’s new release, step away from the norm, and embrace a lil soul with your plugg & drain

Hailed as a skin head with soul, BAYANG (tha Bushranger) steps into the solo spotlight with his first mixtape, “Antarctica,” signaling a departure from the hip-hop norms.

Known for his grindcore roots, the Eora / Sydney artist presents a diverse collection that goes beyond the expected.

“Antarctica” is no ordinary hip-hop ride; it draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists like Corbin and Kerser, creating an atmosphere that’s distinctly BAYANG.

This mixtape goes beyond the surface, delving into the wonders of everyday life with a blend of plugg, drain, and trap.

In BAYANG’s own words, “Antarctica” is a loose compilation that captures a snapshot of a transitional period in his life.

Indebted to “hope as a discipline and faith as a rock,” BAYANG reveals, “these songs were definitely written as I was rediscovering my spiritual discipline, and they’re definitely the outcomes of new perspectives on life in general. Of the urge to find beauty (and God?) in everything. I’m not just one note, I love being a vibekiller – but people contain a lot of complexity, a lot of different faces, and I wanna be true to that in my art. In a way it captures a process in my life that’s been latent and in waiting for a long time. It’s the spring after the long winter!”

Collaborating with producers like Ryan Fennis, Grasps, Ninajirachi, P44PI, and Bobby Flowers, the mixtape is a collective effort, featuring guest appearances from lil ket, Sidney Phillips, Sevy, Agony, Lil Pixie, TT, and FRIDAY*.

As BAYANG departs from his grindcore roots, “Antarctica” serves as a testament to his creative evolution, offering an assertive yet introspective journey that signifies broader artistic growth.

Beyond the beats, the mixtape provides a window into BAYANG’s spiritual rediscovery, capturing a moment of personal transformation.

So, tune in and let “Antarctica” be your soundtrack to exploring the beauty and diversity of life through BAYANG’s authentic and genuine debut.