B-Town Warriors unveil ‘B-Town Biz,’ an unapologetic track of truth and resilience

After a six-year break, B-Town Warriors are back, and they mean business

The collective, mainly comprised of 20-year-old Indigenous talents from Bourke in Western NSW, has teamed up with the seasoned Desert Pea Media to deliver ‘B-Town Biz’—an old-school jazz/funk/trap anthem that doesn’t pull any punches.

The track isn’t just a musical comeback; it’s a gritty exploration of local cultural identity and a no-nonsense presentation of ‘truth telling’ on the Australian airwaves.

Featuring the turntablism skills of ‘IZM,’ a producer associated with Bliss & Eso, and beats crafted by Sydney’s underground legend ‘HAZY,’ the tune packs a punch. Additionally, the introduction of 20-year-old Barkindji/Wangkumara artist ‘LAWLESS’ adds a fresh dynamic to the mix.

Since their days as 15-year-old high school students back in 2017, the B-Town Warriors, in collaboration with Desert Pea Media, have been known for their socially conscious and politically impactful music. ‘B-Town Biz’ is a continuation of this legacy, bringing back their signature high energy, razor-sharp hip hop bars, and memorable hooks.

Lorraine Dutton, aka LAWLESS, one of the B-Town members, emphasized the importance of being a role model and standing up for what you believe in, saying, “If you wanna be a role model. You’ve gotta stand up and speak for what you believe is right. No matter who or what you’re up against – we’re all here for a reason.”

This return to the spotlight not only marks a significant moment for the B-Town Warriors but also reinforces their commitment to using music as a vehicle for change.

‘B-Town Biz’ is a real-world anthem that blends artistry with social consciousness, reminding us that sometimes, the most impactful messages come wrapped in beats and rhymes.

Welcome back, B-Town Warriors – it’s good to have you back on the scene.