Fomies share track-by-track guide through new album ‘Ominous Prominence’

By now we hope you’re already across Ominous Prominence, the sprawling latest album from Switzerland four-piece Fomies.

Though it’s anchored by a fusion of surf-punk and garage, the expansive 10-track project the sees Fomies span reaches of rock to deliver an diverse collection broad enough to captivate listeners of all stripes. 

We simply couldn’t get enough of the album  — Fomies’ fifth in as many years — upon its release last week, so we caught up with the band for an official track-by-track guide through Ominous Prominence.

Fomies album 'Ominous Prominence'

Catch the full track breakdown below, and scroll down to listen to Fomies’ new album in full.


Glass Pyramid 

Powerful, heavy, groovy and fed by a contagious frenzy, Glass Pyramid stands out from the very first notes. Here we find all the band’s fuzz sound know-how coupled, this time, with a refreshing aplomb.

Indeed, although the composition is more classic, Fomies deliver a work that is as balanced as it is jubilant. The vocals assert themselves and establish the band’s style, while the more organic guitar and synth solos bring new flavors.

A successful debut for this fifth opus.

Lakeside Fever

There’s no time to rest with Lakeside Fever, which kicks off the album. This time, the band goes full throttle.

We quickly recognize the quintet’s artistic signature, with the elements that have forged its identity: fast, danceable riff sequences, v effective melodies with the beating heart of a bass-drum section that rolls over you.

After a beautiful ride, the song ends with a heavy, slower part – we couldn’t ask for anything less. Decidedly (and to our great delight), Fomies seem to have made no concessions in their new compositions.


At almost 8 minutes, See is by far the longest track on the album, yet it emerges as its centerpiece.

After an opening section filled with wild riffs, the track settles down with maturity into an atmosphere that is as rhythmic as ever, but with a more soaring dimension.

The unison offered by guitars and vocals is used to marvelous effect, and the keyboards suddenly become more present. The intensity builds steadily, culminating in a reprise of the opening theme. A nice surprise.

The Seeker

The Seeker arrives at just the right moment, allowing the listener to digest the first three authoritative tracks. Fomies changes register and takes the listener on a relaxing, contemplative sonic journey.

The heavy riffs give way to an intoxicating haze of sound, the drums become more discreet yet groovy, while the bass melodies hypnotize us. The voice appears through a veil, whispering new harmonies into our ears.

The synthesizers encompass the whole with sounds worthy of an intergalactic voyage. A welcome moment of rest before tackling Side B.


Time Trial

Fomies had a lot going for them on Time Trial, the perfect opener to this second side. The bass-drums duet kicks off with a bang, before the guitars and keyboards join in to create a compact, imposing wall of sound.

The vocals are cavernous, as if summoning a demon straight from the underworld. Time trial doesn’t beat about the bush, and its efficiency shines through.

Inner Light

Inner Light promises a more nuanced B-side. The melodies are minimalist and draw their inspiration from Krautrock, reminiscent of Amon Düül, Neu! and Beak.

Fomies adds its own garage touch, notably with a restrained but skilfully measured guitar solo. The song is definitely danceable, with a casual attitude.

It’s clear that the album is growing with each track, which is exactly what we’ve been waiting for from the Vevey quintet. 

Barren Mind

Here’s a track that will probably stay in your head for days. The band go wild on this track, alternating catchy melodies and furious fuzz.

Fortunately, Fomies remain patient enough not to mix everything up and spread themselves too thin. The choruses make you want to sing along, while the drum beats turn your brain upside down.

After a funky break, the track comes to a close with a final twist to keep the party going. We can already imagine the joyous chaos Barren Mind will provoke live.


Feel like dancing? Confusion is the most pop track on this album. A track with a seventies feel, where the synthesizer makes you want to nod your head continuously before air-guitaring a solo that’s as melodic as it is wicked.

T-Rex on steroids, you say? Well, maybe. Still, it’s a fine proposition! 

The Eyewall

No time is wasted on this track, which sprints to be the first over the finish line! As well as being the shortest on the album, it blasts our brains out with its well-exploited ⅞.

The guitars are as bleeding as ever, but give way to a chorus that makes us want to smash everything. You can feel the energy Fomies put into their live shows, and they’re not known for holding back! 


Fomies keep their punk roots warm in a drawer. With riffs reminiscent of classics by Black Flag, Adolescents and precursors The Stooges, Chernabog is the most direct and incisive track on the album, and what better way to end it? Let’s do it again.