AKOSIA taps Sonny Grin for fizzy new single ‘A Little Taste’

“This song is about the intensity and beauty of fleeting moments,” AKOSIA said of her new single, A Little Taste. 

AKOSIA and Sonny Grin have today (December 1) joined forces for the glittery new single A Little Taste.

The simmering electro-pop track delivers the equivalent of a sunset, brimming with glitzy synths, groovy basslines and AKOSIA’s airy harmonies.

AKOSIA Sonny Grin single 'A Little Taste'

For her part, the Sydney musician saunters onto the production with rich and jazzy vocals, while Grin brings a rich tapestry of soft house beats and soulful textures. 

Translating that sun-drenched feeling into song, the pair combine efforts for the ultimate summertime fizzer. Atop slinky rhythms, AKOSIA revels in a newfound crush and urges them to not “stop until you’re satisfied.”

“Just a little taste,” she coos effortlessly on the infectious chorus, “is never enough.” The single is accompanied by a lyric video, which follows AKOSIA and Grin as they tread the crystal clear waters of a Melbourne beach. 

A Little Taste is the result of a spontaneous and magical session between the pair, recorded at a home studio in Sydney. “I still find it crazy that within a few Akosia and I had created one of my favourite songs to date,” Grin explained in a press statement.

It was one of those rare moments where the music just flowed effortlessly.”For her part, AKOSIA described A Little Taste as “a reminder that no matter the distance, the taste of love lingers.”

AKOSIA Sonny Grin single 'A Little Taste'

The single marks AKOSIA’s first release of 2023, and follows on from last year’s tracks The Weekend, Help Me and Bang Bang, all of which formed part of the tracklist of her debut EP, Black Diamond.

Elsewhere, the singer joined the cast of the 2022 Marvel film, Thor: Love and ThunderMeanwhile, Grin’s latest EP, RACHA, arrived in 2022, and featured the likes of Angelo The Poet and KP Hydes.

Listen to AKOSIA’s new single A Little Taste (featuring Sonny Grin) below.