BOM predicting snow? Rug up with 8 classic winter music videos

As we head into winter, thoughts turn toward hot chocolate (or maybe something a little harder) and some quiet time in front of the fireplace. If you live in Australia, the BOM is hardly about to predict any snow in your neighbourhood any time soon—if you’re lucky, you might just catch a few snowflakes this winter.

So even if the BOM isn’t going to forecast blizzards, ski lodges and fondue, we at least have the videos. So let’s dive into 8 of the best snowy clips, ripe for winter viewing.Simpsons BOM snow

Sure, the BOM isn’t about to predict a winter full of snow in Australia, but at least we can have the videos. Here are 8 of the best wintry videos.

Ironic – Alanis Morissette

The ultimate snow video. A massive single off Alanis Morissette‘s gigantic album, Jagged Little Pill, this ingenious and simple idea is executed perfectly, with Alanis playing a variety of roles within a car.

And the whole thing is just in the car! It’s a testament to Morissette’s performance and the evocative nature of the setting. Would it be nearly as interesting with if she was just cruising through a spring day? No way.

The One – The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs—the project of ridiculously talented brothers, Michael and Brian D’Addario—have been pumping out incredible records since they were teenagers. Not only prodigious and prolific songwriters, they really know how to bring it in their videos.

The One is a prime example. Guitar solos, vehicle destruction, exposing bare chests to the driving snow (probably not recommended by the BOM) atop a truck while channelling Mick Jagger. What else could you want?

Destroy Everything You Touch – Ladytron

The accent, sound and aesthetic of Ladytron might trick you into thinking they hail from the upper-reaches of Scandinavia, but they’re in fact from the home of The Beatles: Liverpool.

The clip for Destroy Everything You Touch channels the arctic atmosphere of their new-wave revival sound and could be the first and only time human heads have been incorporated into snowy mountain ranges.

A Christmas Fucking Miracle – Run the Jewels

This track by Run the Jewels juxtaposes the stereotypical scenes of a wholesome American Christmas against a grinding bassline and explosive rhymes from Killer Mike and El-P.

All the classic White Christmas tropes are there—knitted sweaters, Christmas cards and sitting on Santa’s knee. Snowy, but it won’t give you the warm and fuzzies.

Lithium – Evanescence

From the ashes of nu-metal spawned Evanescence, a band which took the overhyped tones of Limp Bizkit et al., but came with a decidedly gothic twist. Of course they’re going to make a video in the damn snow.

It’s about as dramatic as you would expect. Lots of big vocal moments for frontwoman Amy Lee, lots of slow-motion action shots of the band and a grand piano caked in ice is the cherry on top.

Coldest Winter – Kanye West

Like Evanescence, Kanye West isn’t one to shy away from drama in his videos. Coldest Winter appears on his most emotionally tense album, 808s and Heartbreak and the track is rich with the distorted tones that feature so heavily throughout the record.

He also plays on the sonic clichés of the season as well, with the staccato strings punctuated by glockenspiel and tubular bell melodies. Kanye at his most emo.

King Nothing – Metallica

Coming off the much-maligned Load record, this is Metallica‘s attempt at reinvention. The success of their self-titled Black album might’ve led to the band to think “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” But yeah, they decided to go and fix it anyway.

Who is King Nothing? Why are they all wearing sunglasses? Why is it even filmed in the snow? It’s all pretty confusing. But the lighting and crazy camera angles make it all worthwhile.

Death Throes of the Terrorsquid – Alestorm

Alestorm is a pirate metal band that hails from Scotland, but everyone knows their real home is on the high seas. And if you’ve ever wondered what a band looks like among the snow-capped peaks of a foreboding, horrendously CGI’d mountain range, look no further.

Pirate adventures, a band that looks like it’s been zombified and keytar solos over blast beats, this snowy epic has it all and more. Sure, the snow might not be real, but it’s the thought that counts.