BOM warns there’s a higher risk of freak weather events over next few months

With there currently a 70% chance of a La Nina weather pattern occurring, BOM has advised of the increased likelihood of wild weather.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has warned that a potentially impeding La Nina weather pattern could bring some wild and unpredictable weather to Australia over the next few months.

The prediction brings with it an elevated risk of not only flooding and cyclones, but also the spread of mosquito-borne viruses.

bom bureau of meteorology
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The National Cabinet, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the State Premiers, was today briefed on the potential risks associated with the weather pattern.

Whilst a La Nina would be welcome news for any areas of the country which are currently experiencing drought, it has the potential to bring greater risks of flooding and cyclones in other parts, as well as a heightened risk of viruses spread by mosquitos, like Ross River fever.

“[La Nina] typically also brings cooler and cloudier days, more tropical cyclones, and an earlier onset of the first rains of the wet season across the north,” Dr Andrew Watkins, Manager of Climate Operations at BOM, described.

There is currently a 70 per cent chance of a La Nina weather pattern taking hold, more than three times the normal likelihood.