Man interrupts ScoMo’s broadcast to tell him to get off his lawn

The Australian Prime Minister (more colloquially known as ScoMo) has been interrupted whilst speaking at a press conference by a disgruntled man telling him to get off his lawn.

ScoMo was speaking this morning in Googong, New South Wales, when he and the accompanying media were reprimanded by a local resident. Understandably, the video is eliciting some hilarious reactions.

scott morrison get off the grass, scomo

“Get off the grass!” a disgruntled local man yelled at Prime Minister ScoMo this morning as he gave a press conference on his front lawn.

Scott Morrison had just begun talking about the new homebuilder scheme when a man came out of a nearby house. “Can everyone get off the grass please?” he yelled to the Prime Minister, along with the accompanying camera crews.

When the media apparently failed to get the message, the man continued: “Hey guys, I’ve just reseeded that!” 

The video has been uploaded to YouTube by numerous news outlets, eliciting some hilarious responses:

“Nobody understands what a good lawn means to the man,” wrote one user.

“LOL that guy needs to be put in charge of something,” wrote another.

Whilst someone else remarked: “This is peak Aussie.”

Watch the video for yourself, in all its glory, below.

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