A mural of the firefighter that tore apart Scott Morrison has appeared in Melbourne

An image of the brave NSW firefighter that told Scott Morrison to “go and get fucked” has been honoured through street art in Melbourne.

Paul Parker rose to fame over the weekend after delivering a strong and emotional message to the Australian Prime Minister. He claims his messages are in support of the Aussie town Nelligen. Van Nishing (who is actually Kevin Rudd’s nephew, which is kind of hilarious), is the artist responsible. He has made an image from the viral video into a mural.

The NSW firefighter who had some strong words to say to Scott Morrison has now been made into a large piece of art that sits in Melbourne’s inner-northern streets.

The iconic moment is now highlighted and located on Lygon Street in Melbourne on a large wall. Just in case anyone wanted to go searching.

The video surfaced of Parker after Channel 7 cameramen visited exhausted fire crews. They were working on subsiding the bushfires in Nelligen. The video shows Parker yelling and swearing angrily on behalf of the town. He later falls from exhaustion and adds more sarcastic remarks. He also throws devastating facts aimed towards Scott Morrison as a result of the bush fires. His anger and frustration are strongly expressed.

“That’s how much we enjoy it mate — putting our lives at risk. I do it for my local community, I do it for the township of Nelligen, and the people of Australia.

“That’s what I do it for. I don’t do it for you Scott Morrison, I don’t do it for any of you p***ks in government.” 

RFS have since asked Parker to step down due to his obvious exhaustion. His position as a firie is not in danger because of these recent events.

Honestly though, bless him. I hope he’s getting some sleep.