Scott Morrison accidentally tackled a child and the memes are coming in hot

Scott Morrison crashed into a child during soccer training and it seems to be the most controversial moment of the election campaign so far.

Scott Morrison was in Tasmania for his campaign trail when he accidentally bowled a kid over at a junior soccer team training.

The poor kid was a part of an under-eights team and when the PM had the chance to steal the ball from him, Scotty took the kid down too.

“Where’s Luca? Hope he’s not in hospital!” ScoMo was heard saying, clearly showing great concern for the tiny kid he totally squashed.

Now, the internet is going crazy with tweets and memes making fun of the Prime Minister, as is our tradition.

Take a look at some of the best ones we’ve found so far.

I wish this was the official music video…


The Chaser have another one in the bank.


Perfectly said…

Scott Morrison tackled meme
Credit: Instagram


Uh oh, the conspiracies are starting.