Bondi Hipsters just wrote the song of the year and it’s about how shit ibises are

Bondi Hipsters just penned an all time classic. It’s called A Song About Birds, and it’s about how loathsome ibises are. Or more specifically, how they are “picnic-wrecking”, “bin juice drinking”, “feathered bin rats” – basically a real cunt of a bird.

ibis song

The Bondi Hipsters have created an Australian classic about the most loathsome, cunty birds to have ever existed: the ibis.

The duos ability to bend a rhyme around different species of bird and succinct adjectives like ‘fuck’ ‘jerk’ ‘gronk’ and ‘cunt’ is nothing short of heroic. They have also taken the time to reply to a bunch of comments in the video’s comment section, which is a comedy spiral in itself. A personal fav:

See the video below.