Bondi on Covid alert as tensions arise towards non-vaxed, frontline workers

Testing queues in Bondi and eastern suburbs face hour-long wait times, after two newly reported covid cases warrant concern amongst residents.

The two new covid cases have surfaced from the same household, with the first case belonging to a man in his 60’s, who transports international flight crews.

The frontline worker, who has not received any vaccine against the virus, has ignited conversation about the necessity for those at high risk to get the jab.

Bondi covid cases testing queues
Image: news.com

Following the number of deaths at the hands of covid-19, people are frustrated that compulsory vaccinations are not instilled for frontline workers.

Chair of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness, Jane Halton, echoed these concerns, stating how important it was for those coming into direct contact with international travellers, to get vaccinated.

Bondi covid case Jane Halton
Image: ABC
It amazes me these people are not vaccinated. We have the capacity to protect people.
Both men, who tested positive to covid-19 yesterday, visited Bondi Junction shopping centre several times in the past few days.

Authorities are currently investigating the source of the infection and whether or not it is the highly contagious Delta variant, first detected in India.
It remains uncertain whether or not this variant is more dangerous than its predecessor. However, to err on the side of caution, those who have visited the exposure sites from 11th – 15th June are strongly advised to get tested.
bondi junction shopping centre covid
Image: Scentre Group
Among the exposure sites are cafes, department stores, bus routes, movie theatres, and car washrooms, predominately in Bondi.

Despite the seemingly dire situation, people have adopted a light-hearted approach to the recent news.

Dr Jeannette Young, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, spoke on behalf of authorities when she mentioned that they will be “closely monitoring the situation in NSW” and that anyone who visited the exposure sites and is now in Queensland must quarantine immediately.

She also stated that the Queensland government “act quickly in these situations“, hinting at potential border closures if the situation escalates.

A full list of the latest exposure sites can be viewed here.