Bonnie Raitt Sweeps 2023 Grammy Awards, brings total to 13

In the latest edition of the Grammy Awards, Bonnie Raitt swept the ceremony with three wins, bringing her total Grammy count to a staggering 13 over the course of her illustrious career. 

Despite stiff competition from heavy hitters like Beyoncé, Adele, and Kendrick Lamar, Bonnie Raitt’s “Just Like That” took home the Song of the Year award in a heart-stopping thrill of a moment.

At 73 years old, Raitt continues to be a powerhouse in the Americana and blues scenes, but even she couldn’t contain her surprise at winning the award for her emotionally charged tribute to her late friend and collaborator John Prine. The song, inspired by and inspired by a story she saw on the news about an organ donor encapsulated for her the pain and perseverance of the past several years.

Bonnie Raitt
Credit: Forbes

 “I feel that people’s hearts have been broken and they’ve been so discouraged and anxious, at least I have been,” Raitt told reporters backstage after her win.

“I saw this story on the news of this woman that had met the man who had her son’s heart and said, ‘Would you like to listen to it? Sit next to me and put your head on my chest.’ Because things have been so tough the last few years, I just broke open and was just inspired,” she said.

And we lost John Prine, and I wanted to write a song about what it feels like to tell the good news stories. It’s a heart wrenching-story but a heart-warming story about grace and redemption, And God knows we need some stories like that right now.”

Raitt said given the “massively talented, great tunes that represented tremendous excitement of the public” with which “Just Like That” was in the running, she felt particularly proud that her “little record” struck a chord. “I’m was so glad to be nominated, and I was very surprised… but holding up our end of the American roots and my generation—that made me very proud,” she said.

Bluesfest Touring and Bluesfest Group’s Festival Director, Peter Noble has shared, “Everyone who has ever had the pleasure of spending a moment in their life in the presence of [Raitt] will be celebrating her triple Grammy win.” Noble also notes that Raitt is not only a talented musician and songwriter, but a true champion of her craft who “walks the walk.”

Raitt, humble as ever, expressed her surprise and gratitude at her Grammy wins, thanking fans for appreciating her heartfelt tribute to organ donation and John Prine. Fans can catch Raitt live at Byron Bay Bluesfest on Sunday and Monday. Get your tickets now.

Bonnie also won Best Americana Performance for Made Up Mind and Best American Roots Song for Just Like That. 

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