BoyBoy melts in the dreamy soul tune and visuals of ‘LTPF’

Perth producer/artist, BoyBoy, launches into a glistening intergalactic kaleidoscope with latest single, LTPF. 

With a rhythm so smooth you will slip into a hypnosis – BoyBoy releases newest single accompanied with visuals for LTPF. 

The track, standing for Love, Trust, Pain, Fame is a saturating tune that bursts with BoyBoy’s honey-like vocals and genuine sound.

Photographed by Tom Waston @tomgwatson

The 24-year-old, hailing from Perth, WA, trickles in a genre made for long drives with good company.

LTPF is just a speckle of the glorious calibre BoyBoy has to offer – an array of cinematically, electric tracks such as Simmerdown and Tried To Tell.

LTPF, is an emotionally raw and magnetic tune. The visuals, directed by Ashleigh Hunter and Cooper Gordon vibrate the infatuation of BoyBoy’s calming style.

With close-ups of BoyBoy moving to lie on a bed of flowers and dancing to the electric beat.

One cannot help but mirror the sways of BoyBoy, not taking your eyes off the artist for one second.

uch like the saturation of water in the music video, LTPF is an all-consuming track, the kind of tune you inevitably daydream to.


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“LTPF is centred around the story of finding not only yourself but your partner’s self throughout the journey of love with another individual… with love comes trust and with trust the possibility of pain” BoyBoy explains.

Leaving enough room for the mind to wander, the Perth artist has painted a soundscape that immerses as much as it sets free.

BoyBoy has dug his heels into the subconscious with LTPF’s slicing chorus sure to linger long after it ends.

Be sure to keep both eyes on BoyBoy, something tells me that this creative will be shortly heading straight to the stars.

Check out LTPF below: