Streamer replaces every ‘Breath of the Wild’ enemy with a Golden Lynel, dies a lot

Twitch Streamer PointCrow has replaced every single enemy in Breath of the Wild with a Golden Lynel, subsequently dying a lot at the hands of his own twisted creation.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been celebrated as one of the best open world RPGs out there. Despite having next to no experience with the genre, Nintendo managed to create one of the most beautiful and engaging gaming experiences of all time.

But some delicately crafted paradises are meant to be disrupted. Twitch streamer PointCrow recently decided to throw Breath of the Wild’s balanced difficulty out the window by switching out every single mob for one of the hardest mini-bosses in the game.

breath of the wild

With each swing resulting in a potential death and with each shock arrow forcing the player to run away at full speed, you would have to be insane to challenge more than one Golden Lynel at a time.

PointCrow had a mildly successful run. If taking on one Golden Lynel requires an inventory of food and your full attention, you wouldn’t be the only one gasping for air upon encountering a camp filled with them. This also explains why the Twitch streamer spent half his time simply running away from these overpowered enemies.

From taking on a team of Golden Lynels to getting destroyed by a rain of shock arrows, this’ll be one of the better Twitch highlights you’ve seen this year. You can check PointCrow out on Twitch or view his highlight video down below.