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Now Facebook is making a play into cloud gaming

Facebook will join Google Stadia and Amazon Luna by releasing their own cloud gaming streaming service for free-to-play mobile games.

Facebook Gaming is making smaller splashes away from the big 4k cloud gaming scene where the Google Stadia and Amazon Luna dominate. The popular social media service is aiming to release streamable games you can play within the app on mobile devices.

Popular Facebook games such as Farmville are coming to an end since the Adobe Flash player is getting shut down at the end of this year. This bold transition is their attempt to keep this genre of social media games alive as we head towards a new era of online gaming.

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Concerns regarding this decision will largely be the same directed towards Google and Amazon. At its current stage, the concept of cloud gaming still needs some polishing before it truly kicks off. The ability to play mobile games without having to download them isn’t going be enough to make Facebook Gaming the giant it was some ten years ago.

Unless Facebook Gaming has more cards under its virtual sleeve, even the most casual gamers will probably still be visiting the App Store for their next game to download. But watch this space, Facebook has proved to be nothing if not adaptable.