Brian Eno is getting this year’s Stephen Hawking Medal for helping popularise science

Brian Eno, our favourite creative genius, is a recipient of this year’s Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication. Awarded to people in science and the arts, the medal recognises those whose work increases the public awareness of science and scientific achievements.

Eno is one of three recipients at this year’s Starmus festival in Zurich. Eno was nominated for the medal for his “contribution to the popularisation of science”. He’ll be receiving this award alongside controversial billionaire Elon Musk and the makers of the documentary Apollo 11. 


Brian Eno is officially a recipient of this years Stephen Hawking Medal for Scientific Communication, recognising his hand in popularising science.

Brian Eno also recently announced the release of the 1983 album, Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks reissue. Set to drop on the 19th of July, the album will feature 11 new compositions, and celebrates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s lunar mission. The new tracks were also co-written with original Apollo collaborators, Daniel Lanois and Eno’s brother Roger Eno. You can catch the video for one of the new tracks, Like I Was a Spectator, down below.

Also joining Eno this year, will be the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra, performing Hans Zimmer’s tribute composition. Zimmer wrote Once Upon a Time on The Moon also in honour of Apollo 11th 50th anniversary.

The Starmus festival this year is sure to be a spectacle that’s… out of this world!