Brian Eno to discuss climate change at International Music Summit

Celebrated electronic musician, producer, and artist Brian Eno will be appearing in a keynote discussion at the 2020 International Music Summit.

Organised in 2007 by DJ Pete Tong, IMS Ibiza is a leadership platform designed to foster debates on key issues in the world of electronic music. Since then, it has become an annual event and attracts contributions from leaders across the international music community.

Brian Eno will address the climate crisis at the 2020 International Music Summit in Ibiza. The Summit will tackle a range of issues within the electronic music community.

This year, the central theme will, appropriately, be climate change. Tong will be conducting an interview with Eno that will address the environmental crisis the world is facing. Eno will do the interview via livestream in order to avoid carbon emissions through unnecessary air travel.

Eno is a founding trustee of EarthPercent, an environmental organisation that encourages artists and music companies to commit a percentage of their earnings to positive climate initiatives. His address at IMS Ibiza will revolve around this organisation and how it might be optimised going forward. In a recent statement, he spoke of the responsibility that must be taken in confronting climate issues.

“There’s a revolution going on: the biggest and broadest social movement in human history. It grows out of two realisations: that the planet is in danger of collapse from a rapidly changing climate. And that it’s us – us people – who have to do something about it.”

IMS Ibiza highlights an acknowledgment of the incredible cultural and political influence the music industry has. “The music industry has always been a leader in movements for social change”, Eno continues. “I am delighted to have this opportunity with IMS to speak with the global electronic music community at such a critical moment.

IMS Ibiza will kick off through May 20-22.