Dear Doonan deliver another offering to the Gods of psychedelia

Following the simmer-pot of psychedelia that was Dear Doonan’s self-titled album comes Sweet Quiche. Their latest single—all but for a whispered opening line—is purely instrumental and an ode to the Eastward facing sitar.

The new single from Dear Doonan is a trace-like meditation that extends past their psych-rock roots and into the galaxy of ephemeral improvisation and beyond.

An ode to the sitar of the sixties, the magic carpet riders of the Sunshine Coast have released a single that comes with it’s own recipe:

“Start with…
One cup of sweet indian sitar,
two cups of salty surf guitars,
heat with a high-temp beat,
chop in a fat bass line…
And then cook for 4 Minutes.”

It’s hard to argue with that. Stylistically, it’s clear what Dear Doonan are cooking up. However, once you tap on and tune in to their arresting musical soliloquies, you’ll discover something else entirely. Sweet Quiche is sonically quite simple in it’s sectioning and rhythm but huge in its forecasted journey.

Guitar and sitar slide over and under each other, never wrestling but in perfect tango. Twangy and fast plucking give way to distorted and more sludgy moments. Jungly bongos are used sparingly and add just the right amount of jungle to the galaxy traipsing of Sweet Quiche.

In a recent chat with Happy, the boys described why Sweet Quiche wasn’t included in their recent album release:

“We actually had about 14 tracks planned. But decided to hang onto a few tunes for future releases. We like converging various genres and we have a lot of stylistic ideas floating around… so where do you start?”

Drawing inspiration from Japanese space agents Kikagaku Moyo and jam queens Los Bitchos, the sky is the limit in guessing where they’ll take their sound next. Heading back into the studio shortly, let’s hope their break is as transient as their tunes.

If  you’re coastal local, catch them at the launch party tonight, 14th Feb. In the meantime, check out the video for one of our favourite tracks of the full length album below: